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A little over two years ago I started this blog to share my opinions and thoughts on the Indianapolis Colts.  It was inspired in large part by one of my favorite Colts websites, Stampede Blue. 

 I covered the Colts regularly for about a year, and now I am thrilled to announce that I am leaving this site to join a great staff of writers at Stampede Blue.  I will still be writing frequently and will, of course, still be covering the Colts.  As always, I will continue to share all things Colts on twitter @coltsfanwilson

 Thank you all for your continuing support.


Plenty of Colts Season Tickets Available

The Colts have around 4,000 season tickets available for sale after having a 87% renewal rate.  While this comes as no surprise, it does give Colts fans a bad name.

Quarterbacks sell tickets.  Period.  End of discussion.  Anyone who says otherwise is just plain wrong.  So of course the season ticket renewals are going to drop when the Colts release Peyton Manning.  But they will be up soon.

This kind of reminds me of the stock market (which I do not know a lot about).  The best time to buy stocks is when they are at their lowest.  Colts fans, these tickets are open.  Take advantage of it, if you are interested in season tickets.  Pretty soon Andrew Luck will be a star in the NFL and the Colts will be selling out again. 

But one thing that this does not show is that most fans were just Peyton Manning fans.  We have already known that.  In fact, I am a huge Peyton Manning fan.  But I am a bigger Colts fan.  Yeah, that can work.  Stampede Blue has been criticising fans like crazy today, accusing them of being Manning fans and not Colts fans. 

Folks, I know how you feel.  I do not agree with Stampede Blue at all, and that is because Peyton Manning will forever be my favorite football player.  It is impossible not to like the guy.  If you were like me and watched him every week for 14 years, it is impossible not to be a huge Manning fan.  Of course Manning is not above the Colts, but for so long Manning was the Colts.  It takes time to cope with after the release.  It really does.  Fans do not need a guy who covers the Colts to be criticising them constantly.  They just need time.  When next year rolls around, fans will watch the Colts.  Fans will want to see how Andrew Luck does. 

I was incredibly sad the day the Colts released Peyton Manning.  As I said earlier, I will never have a player I like more than Manning.  I will continue to watch his games, and I will continue to defend his legacy.  And I will continue to be a Colts fan.

In fact, I have found myself excited about Andrew Luck recently.  Not just kind of excited, but really excited.  This is an exciting time for the Colts.  They are certainly heading in the right direction, even though that may not be clear to the casual observer right now.  Andrew Luck is the real deal.

When the schedules were released yesterday, I printed off both the Colts and the Broncos schedule.  I will continue to be a Peyton Manning fan.  But so much more than that I will continue to be a Colts fan. 

True Colts fans understand.

Colts fan… or Manning fan?

“Colts are getting andrew luck, and peyton is 35. Any fan pissed colts will part with peyton isnt a colts fan, but a manning fan” 

Earlier today, I was looking at various Colts stuff and saw the above tweet from Stampede Blue from a few days ago.  And I don’t necessarily believe that is true.  

Look, there is no doubt that the best thing for the franchise is to go with Andrew Luck.  No question.  I’m the biggest Peyton Manning supporter there is, but I’m also a realist.  And, I am a Colts fan first, not a Manning fan. 

But I absolutely do not want to see Peyton in any colors other than blue and white.  I don’t want him ever wearing any logo but the horseshoe on his helmet.  

And let me first say that I really believe that the Colts will draft Luck and will keep Peyton as well.  Not saying that is what they should do necessarily, but what they will do. 

Can a Colts fan actually be mad if the Colts get rid of Peyton? 

I believe so. 

Peyton Manning is the most beloved sports figure in the history of Indianapolis sports.  No doubt that Peyton turned Indy into a football town.  And through all of his successes on the field, Peyton was an even better guy off the field. 

He has done so much for the city of Indianapolis in his years here.  The Colts fans, many of whom have never known to root for any team other than Peyton’s Colts, have loved Peyton.  And if the Colts just released him, Colts fans would be devastated.  I would be too. 

There are also many fans who would also likely be mad.  Why?  Simple… because they believe that Peyton Manning is the best option at QB for the Colts next year.  Keep in mind that not everyone even believes that Andrew Luck is the best QB in this draft.  The huge majority does, including me, but not everyone.  Robert Griffin III has really climbed up some draft boards recently. 

It is impossible for everyone to have the same opinion on a situation as important as this.  

And I know plenty of Colts fans will be mad if Peyton Manning is playing somewhere else next year. 

Being a Colts fan doesn’t mean agreeing with everything the team does.  Heck, if it did, there would be no Colts fans. 

But it does mean, that whatever the team’s leaders decide, that Colts fans support the team still.  That they continue to root for the blue and white.  

You can’t tell whether a person is a Colts fan or a Manning fan until after the decision is made.  

And my guess is that we find out that a lot of the people are the biggest Peyton Manning fans are also some of the biggest Colts fans. 

We will find out before long if that’s true.

Colts – Saints: What Others Are Saying

“But what the Colts are experiencing is more than just a bad year. It’s an absolutely pathetic year.

And for Caldwell, taking responsibility could mean losing his job.”

     –  Pro Football Talk, previously calling the Colts’ performance “one of the most embarrassing displays of football you’ll ever see”

“A hallmark of teams led by great coaches is that when when their teams were beaten soundly or they hit a rough patch, they always responded. That hasn’t been the case in Indy and certainly didn’t happen tonight.  To play one bad half and enter the locker room down 7-34 is one thing. You can make reasonable excuses that the Colts played a poor half against a team that was on fire in a hostile environment. But to come out and lose the second half 28-0? To not score against the Saints second team? And to admit defeat by pulling Curtis Painter too*? SHAMEFUL

*(It’s not like Painter is an 14 year future Hall of Famer, he’s only played six games! He needs to keep developing)”

     –  Stampede Blue

 “There have been some bad days in Colts history.

Last night was the worst”

     –  The lead of Nate Dunlevy’s article at, titled “The Most Humiliating Night in Colts History” 

“As for Painter, well, the longer a backup plays, the more he reminds you why he’s a backup. He was miserable, and he had lots of company. Somebody’s got to explain why the Colts won’t give Anthony Gonzalez a shot — at least when he’s healthy — when Austin Collie continues to be invisible or worse. Dallas Clark? No targets, no catches. No kidding.”

     –  Bob Kravitz, in his weekly report card, the grades of which are listed below.     

Run Offense:                  A         (“the running game was terrific and completely meaningless”)

Run Defense:                 F

Pass Offense:                 F

Pass Defense:                F

Special Teams:            A-

Coaching:                        F

Intangibles:                   C         (Hunter Smith talks about how his replacement was a very good draft choice)

“By talking about Manning’s future and Manning doing what is best for him, Collinsworth painfully drilled it into our heads that the severity of the injury is far worse than we believed or were told. This might not just our beloved qb living with a bum shoulder. His day-to-day life could be impacted…. This is the first major analyst willing to go out on television and really give fans the full and potentially devastating news that Peyton needs to think about life post-football. Reality has hit home.”

     –  A Stampede Blue post saying Chris Collinsworth hinted that Manning’s injury is worse than we thought. 

“Whether it’s Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck next season, it seems like a fait accompli that somebody else will be coaching them. I like Caldwell, think he did a fine job the Super Bowl year and last year. But this team should not be 0-7 and heading to 0-9. He’s not alone in culpability — start first with Chris and Bill Polian — but New Orleans will be Caldwell’s Waterloo. Jim Irsay doesn’t like to be embarrassed, especially not on national TV.”

“There is some good news, though: The Colts’ schedule the rest of the season is tougher than the Dolphins. Indy isn’t giving up Andrew Luck without a fight.”

     –  Bob Kravitz, saying the Colts may be the worst team in the NFL

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