Colts Struggling to Sell Tickets

For the last decade, Colts tickets have been the toughest tickets to get in town.  Over their past 114 regular season and playoff games at home, they have sold out 113.  And then they released the greatest player in Indianapolis history.

Post-Peyton Manning, the Colts are struggling to sell tickets.  They have 3,000 season tickets available, and as a result have hired Indianapolis marketing firm Get Real Sports Sales to help market them.  Due to NFL rules, if a team fails to sell out the game is blacked out locally.  However, chief operating officer Pete Ward said Tuesday that “We’re not anticipating being blacked out”, per the Indianapolis Star.

The post-Peyton slump in ticket sales is in no way a surprise.  And come September, I bet the Colts will be sold out.  But if the prices of tickets remains the same, people will not want to spend their hard-earned money to watch a bad team, which the Colts figure to be next year.  I still think they will sell out, but my point is that this should come as no surprise. 

And the argument that since the Pacers had trouble selling tickets even when they were winning that the Colts will too when they win is not accurate.  In the NBA, stars sell tickets.  In the NFL, quarterbacks sell tickets.  Whether right or wrong, that is how it is.  The Pacers do not have a star player.  The Colts have a quarterback.  The Colts will not have trouble selling tickets with Andrew Luck at the helm.  Three or four years from now, Colts tickets will once again be the hottest tickets in town. 

Many of the season tickets available are upper level seats.  For more information, call 299-4946.


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