Previewing Day 3 of the NFL Draft… What do the Colts Need?

The Colts will enter the final day of the 2012 NFL draft with 6 picks and 4 players already drafted.  Saturday, they pick twice in the 5th (136th overall and 170th), once in the 6th (206th overall), and three times in the 7th (208th overall, 214th, and 253rd overall). 

 The Colts have already drafted QB Andrew Luck (1st round), TE Coby Fleener (2nd round), TE Dwayne Allen (3rd round) and then traded up into the back of the 3rd round to take WR T.Y. Hilton.

 So what do the Colts need Saturday? 

Defense, defense, defense.  

The Colts did not spend one pick on defense in the first 3 rounds, so expect the final 4 to be defense heavy.  The best option for the Colts is NT Alameda Ta’amu out of Washington.  I thought the Colts actually traded up to get him initially.  He likely will not be available when the Colts pick in the 5th, however.  If the Colts really like Ta’amu, however, they have enough to trade up to get him.

 Other options include: 

  • Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia
  • Keith Tandy, CB, West Virginia(I have the Colts taking Tandy 208th in my Colts mock)
  • Adrien Cole, LB, Louisiana Tech (I have the Colts taking Cole 253rd in my Colts mock)

 Those are just 3 possibilities of many, many potential players.  Trading up for Ta’amu makes the most sense to me, but that likely means the Colts will not do it.  I’m not saying that is bad, but just that it probably will not happen. 

 I care more about the positions taken tomorrow rather than the players.  The Colts need to get a nose tackle and a cornerback.  Those are the two absolutely must-draft positions.  After that, I look for them to add depth at a defensive spot or two.  I also would not be surprised to see the Colts take an offensive lineman, if there is one that they like.  

Regardless of who they take, the Colts need at least a NT and a CB. 

 Look for those two positions to definitely be filled tomorrow.


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