Round 3, Pick 64: Colts Select TE Dwayne Allen

In the first surprise by the Colts in the 2012 draft, the Colts took Clemson tight end Dwayne Allen with the first pick in the 3rd round. 

Allen was widely viewed as the second best tight end in the draft, and is viewed as the most complete tight end in the draft (good blocker and receiver).  

Allen is 6-4, 255 pounds and will be a good complement to Coby Fleener. 

I think this gives us some insight into what the Colts want to do.  First off, Andrew Luck loves throwing to the tight end, so the Colts have gotten him two.  Secondly, this maybe shows us that the Colts will run quite a bit of two tight end packages next year.

This pick was a big surprise to me.  But I do not neccessarily think it was bad.  The Colts have so many needs, and they added tight end depth.  And also, if the Colts do run two-tight packages, this was neccessary.  The Colts clearly have a direction, and I am happy with that.  I would have gone defense if it were me, but I do not know where the Colts are going.  They know what direction they are headed.  And this give some real insight into what their plans are.

 One thing is certain, however: Andrew Luck is a happy man tonight.  

Check out some Dwayne Allen highlights on You Tube.


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