The Andrew Luck Era Officially Begins Tomorrow

The Andrew Luck Era will officially begin tomorrow for Indianapolis. 

 From what I have seen and heard, there is a nervous excitement among Colts fans.  They are excited about Andrew Luck, but they still do not want to let Peyton Manning go.

 Colts fans, please, today, reflect on what Peyton Manning did for this franchise.  But when the NFL Draft comes around tomorrow, embrace Andrew Luck.  He is the future, and it is a very bright future.

 Just as when Peyton Manning came to Indy in 1998, fans should be excited about Luck as he arrives in 2012.  I’m not asking you to forget Peyton; we will never forget him.  But I am asking you, Colts fans, to let go.  Accept the fact that Peyton Manning is no longer our quarterback.  And accept that the guy coming to town tomorrow is a pretty dang good player. 

I know how tough it is to accept that the incredible Manning Era is over.  It took me a while to actually accept it as well.  Peyton will always be my favorite player, and I will never forget him, but now that I have accepted that it is over, I am really excited for Andrew Luck..  I am excited to have Andrew Luck as the face of the franchise.  I am happy with the direction the team is going.  And, as hard as it is to admit, the Colts certainly made the right choice. 

 The Colts removed the huge Peyton Manning banner from Lucas Oil Stadium today.  They said it was just because the crane was available, but I think it was more than that.  They have reflected on Peyton’s brilliant career and have been very thankful (they put a “Thank You Peyton” banner on LOS), but now it is time to move on to another great quarterback.  

So, when Roger Goodell walks onto the stage to officially announce Andrew Luck as the next quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, be happy Colts fans. 

Andrew Luck is an incredible quarterback, and he will be an incredible player in the league for the next decade.  That is something to celebrate.


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