Plenty of Colts Season Tickets Available

The Colts have around 4,000 season tickets available for sale after having a 87% renewal rate.  While this comes as no surprise, it does give Colts fans a bad name.

Quarterbacks sell tickets.  Period.  End of discussion.  Anyone who says otherwise is just plain wrong.  So of course the season ticket renewals are going to drop when the Colts release Peyton Manning.  But they will be up soon.

This kind of reminds me of the stock market (which I do not know a lot about).  The best time to buy stocks is when they are at their lowest.  Colts fans, these tickets are open.  Take advantage of it, if you are interested in season tickets.  Pretty soon Andrew Luck will be a star in the NFL and the Colts will be selling out again. 

But one thing that this does not show is that most fans were just Peyton Manning fans.  We have already known that.  In fact, I am a huge Peyton Manning fan.  But I am a bigger Colts fan.  Yeah, that can work.  Stampede Blue has been criticising fans like crazy today, accusing them of being Manning fans and not Colts fans. 

Folks, I know how you feel.  I do not agree with Stampede Blue at all, and that is because Peyton Manning will forever be my favorite football player.  It is impossible not to like the guy.  If you were like me and watched him every week for 14 years, it is impossible not to be a huge Manning fan.  Of course Manning is not above the Colts, but for so long Manning was the Colts.  It takes time to cope with after the release.  It really does.  Fans do not need a guy who covers the Colts to be criticising them constantly.  They just need time.  When next year rolls around, fans will watch the Colts.  Fans will want to see how Andrew Luck does. 

I was incredibly sad the day the Colts released Peyton Manning.  As I said earlier, I will never have a player I like more than Manning.  I will continue to watch his games, and I will continue to defend his legacy.  And I will continue to be a Colts fan.

In fact, I have found myself excited about Andrew Luck recently.  Not just kind of excited, but really excited.  This is an exciting time for the Colts.  They are certainly heading in the right direction, even though that may not be clear to the casual observer right now.  Andrew Luck is the real deal.

When the schedules were released yesterday, I printed off both the Colts and the Broncos schedule.  I will continue to be a Peyton Manning fan.  But so much more than that I will continue to be a Colts fan. 

True Colts fans understand.


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