Colts Release Blair White

The Blair White Project is over.

Brought in by the Colts in 2010 as an undrafted rookie out of Michigan State, White was a project player.  People began to call it “the Blair White Project”.  Yesterday, the Colts released the receiver.

In 2010, White caught 36 passes for 355 yards and 5 touchdowns from an injured Peyton Manning.  Those are also his career totals with the Colts.  He missed most of the 2011 season and did not catch a pass.

White was a decent 4th wide receiver, but he could not stay healthy.  He has been plagued by back injuries, and from what I am hearing he is still trying to recover from his 2011 injury.

The move leaves just Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, and Donnie Avery as the Colts receiving threats.  Sorry, but Quan Cosby and Jeremy Ross are not exactly threats.

The Colts need another receiver.  With the 34th pick, I expect them to take a pass catcher for Andrew Luck.  Not to spoil my Colts mock draft, which is coming the week before the draft, but I think that Coby Fleener is the pick there, if still available.  He could be the Dallas Clark of the Colts offense.  I know the Colts need defense too, so that will likely be the pick in the 3rd round, but if not, keep an eye on receiver Brian Quick from Appalachian State in rounds 3-4.


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