Colts Begin to “Build the Monster”

For the first time under the new regime, the media was allowed into the Indianapolis Colts locker room yesterday.

So much has changed.  The signs and sayings from the Dungy/Caldwell era?  Gone.  Most of the players that made that era great?  Gone.

So much has changed, but I am thrilled about where this team is going. I love the emphasis on team.  No longer is the locker room separated by positions, but instead they are spread out.  Wide receiver Austin Collie and punter Pat McAfee have their lockers right next to each other, for example.

Only a few players like Reggie Wayne, Robert Mathis, and Dwight Freeney remained in the same place.  Pat Angerer was seen walking around trying to find his locker.  Peyton Manning’s old locker is now occupied by OL Mike McGlynn and LB Mario Harvey.

New coach Chuck Pagano gave the players blue T-shirts with the words “Build the Monster” on the back.  And that is the Colts’ motto for 2012: “Build the Monster”.

I like it.  I like Pagano. I like what he is doing in Indy.  And I like the new motto.

What does it mean?  Tom Zbikowski, who is a hard hitting safety who followed Pagano from Baltimore to Indy, said that the motto means that they want to be a team that “can beat the crap out of people”.

After the defenses that Colts fans have seen in the past, that is a welcome change.

The Colts have begun to “Build the Monster”.  And Colts fans should be excited about where this team is headed.


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