All Manning Era Team: Running Backs

All Manning Era Team: We take a look at the greatest single seasons by position in the Peyton Manning Era (1998-2011).  Today, we look at the: 

Running Backs:

 The logical choice for me on the All Manning Era Team was Edgerrin James.  From 1999 through 2005, he was one of the best running backs in the league, and turned in year after year of incredible production.  His 2000 season was actually on the first draft of this list, when he rushed for 1,709 yards and 13 touchdowns.  His 1999 season was a close second. 

 But I forgot Marshall Faulk.

He played with Peyton Manning for only one season, the quarterback’s 3-13 rookie campaign in 1998.  But that year put the hall of fame running back on this list. 

In 1998, Faulk carried the ball 324 times for 1,319 yards and 6 touchdowns (4.1 yards per carry), leading the team.  He also led the team in receiving, catching 86 balls for 908 yards and 4 touchdowns (10.6 yards per reception).  

For the 1998 season, Faulk totaled 2,227 yards and 10 touchdowns (it is important to remember that the Colts did not score that much, so the 10 touchdowns can be deceiving).  For every time he touched the ball, he gained an average of 5.43 yards.  For a running back who got 410 touches, that is ridiculous. 

Marshall Faulk’s 1998 season is one of the greatest seasons ever by a running back, and it is a shame that it came on a team that did not win much.  

After Faulk was traded away prior to the 1999 season (due to a contract dispute with general manager Bill Polian), he was a major part of one of the NFL’s greatest offenses in history, the Greatest Show on Turf, the 1999 St. Louis Rams. 

But Faulk’s 1998 season was quite possibly his greatest, and one of the greatest single seasons ever for a running back in the National Football League. 

Upon further review, there was not much question about Faulk’s belonging on this list.


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