All Manning Era Team

The Peyton Manning era is over in Indianapolis.  It has been since Manning was released two weeks ago, and it technically could have been declared over long before that. 

The Manning era was a run of success unknown to any franchise in recent memory, quite possibly league history.  The Colts will never have a run like it again.  

In Manning’s 14 years with the team, the Colts won 141 regular season games.  They made the playoffs 11 times, including 9 in a row (tying an NFL record).  The Colts won 6 division titles, 2 AFC titles and one super bowl championship.  They won 12 or more games for 7 years in a row, easily an NFL record. 

During the Manning era, the Colts accounted for 4 NFL MVP awards, 1 super bowl MVP award, 2 Executive of the Year awards, 1 Sporting News Coach of the Year award, 53 pro bowl selections by a combined 15 players, and 19 first team All-Pro selections by 9 combined players. 

I got to thinking about all the incredible players and all the incredible seasons that made up this incredible era.  And I began making a list of the greatest single seasons in the Peyton Manning Era. 

This list is pretty simple – it is not necessarily the greatest player by position, although most times it is – it is the greatest individual seasons.  For example, Peyton Manning is obviously the quarterback on this list, but which season was his best?  That season goes down on the list.  

So basically, this list is just a compilation of the greatest seasons in the Manning Era. 

Over the next 10 days or so, I will have a new post each day for the All Manning Era team.  They will be split up by quarterback, running back, wide receivers/tight end, offensive line/defensive line, linebackers, defensive backs, special teams, coaching, and then a recap.  

Tomorrow, quarterbacks will start off the series.  No surprise, it is Peyton Manning.  But which of his many incredible seasons is featured on this list?  Check here tomorrow to find out.


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