Which Old Colts may join Manning with the Broncos?

Today Peyton Manning was officially introduced as the next quarterback of the Denver Broncos. 

“I realize I don’t have 14 years left.   This is a ‘now’ situation.” Manning said.

With that win now mentality, it is very likely that the Broncos will make some moves to improve their offense and build around the future hall of famer.  A few of those moves could involve Manning’s old teammates. 

We take a look at who may follow Peyton Manning to Denver:

Dallas Clark.  When healthy, Clark one of the best weapons in the league.  He has trouble staying healthy, however, and is past his prime.  Still, for a minimum salary or close to it, the Broncos would bring in Manning’s security blanket.  The Broncos desperately need a tight end, and Dallas would be affordable and knows Manning and his system.  I think this one is sure to happen.

Brandon Stokley.  Stokley last played for the Broncos around a year ago.  Stokley was Manning’s slot receiver for years during his prime.  Manning stayed with Stokley when he visited Denver, and he has been throwing to Stokley.  Also likely to receive the minimum salary, I expect this move to happen as well.

Joseph Addai.  Addai is likely past his prime and is not a great runner.  However, what he lacks in running ability he makes up for in the passing game.  Addai is one of the best blocking running backs in the game, and he is a reliable weapon out of the backfield.  For a 36 year old quarterback coming off of 4 neck surgeries, an extra blocker would not hurt.  Addai would also be around the minimum.  I think there is a good chance of the Broncos bringing in Addai as their 3rd down back.

Jeff Saturday.  Manning’s longtime center and friend, Saturday makes perfect sense for Denver.  Saturday would provide a great locker room presence, great blocking and a great knowledge of the system.  Saturday is the Peyton Manning of the offensive line.  Manning tells Saturday the audible and then Saturday lets the line know.  The Packers, Titans, Broncos, and Colts are all interested in Saturday, and for a reason.  The center would likely get around a million or a little more, but the Broncos have plenty of money to spend.  If it were up to Saturday, I think he would reunite with Manning.  The Broncos would be dumb not to welcome him.

Jacob Tamme.  Bill Polian said that he would sign Tamme before any of the others if he were the Broncos.  Tamme is young, a solid tight end and he knows the system as well.  In wake of Dallas Clark’s recent injuries, he has filled in nicely.  He likely will get a couple million dollars, but the Broncos should at least inquire of him.

It looks likely that many “Old Colts” will join Peyton Manning with the Broncos.

Which, you know, makes sense, as a Bronco is technically an old Colt.


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