Denver Broncos Land Peyton Manning

Well, this crazy run at Peyton Manning is over.

Today it was announced that the NFL’s only 4 time MVP will sign with Denver Broncos.  He informed the Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers that he will be playing in Denver and the contact is being finalized.  It will be around 5 years, $95 million. 

He is now officially an old Colt – a Bronco.

Denver is a good team.  But they are no certain thing for a super bowl win.  They are not at all better than Manning’s 2004-2005 Colts teams.  (That said, I still will probably pick the Broncos for the super bowl)

This opens the door for Dallas Clark and Jeff Saturday to also become Broncos.  Denver needs a tight end badly, so I am sure Dallas will go to Denver.  Saturday reportedly will visit and I would think he would reunite with his good friend Peyton Manning. 

Overall, this is not a surprising move.  He did not want to go to the AFC South (Titans) or NFC (49ers).  The Broncos have John Elway.  Manning certainly is aware of the way Elway’s career ended – back to back super bowl wins, with the team not fully dependant on him.

Also, and maybe most importantly, Denver’s coaching staff is willing to let Peyton run whatever offense he chooses.  Last year, they adjusted to Tim Tebow (who will be traded).  They can certainly adjust to a guy who knows more than many coaches in the league. 

In the end, Denver fans got an incredible quarterback, while Indy fans can root for their hero without betraying the Colts.

For the first time ever, I have a second favorite team.  The Denver Broncos. 

Good luck, Peyton.


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