Peyton Manning Power Rankings

Where might Peyton Manning go?  Here are my first official power rankings:

1) Denver Broncos.  I see Denver as the favorite right now.  Manning met with them Friday night and was in Denver part of Saturday.  The Broncos team is set up perfectly for a super bowl run with Manning, much as John Elway’s Broncos were at the end of his stellar career.  Elway is a big factor in this, as he basically runs the Broncos.  That is something no other team can offer: a hall of fame quarterback running the show.

2) Arizona Cardinals.  Peyton flew to Arizona from Denver and met with them Sunday.  I have said all along that I think Arizona is the best fit for him, but I also did not think teams such as Denver or Houston would be in the race.  Before Arizona can sign Manning, however, they need to clear cap room, which is something Denver does not need to worry about.

3)  Miami Dolphins.  Miami has seemed like the logical and easy choice for Peyton Manning.  He owns a house in Miami, the Dolphins have a good young team, and Manning is good friends with Dan Marino, the greatest player to ever wear a Dolphins uniform.  Surprisingly, the Dolphins have fallen behind in the race for Manning.  Maybe the media chase turned Manning off.  Some are suggesting Brandon Marshall is making Peyton have second thoughts about the Dolphins.  Maybe it is because they have not talked to him yet.  The talk is coming, per Chris Mortensen.  Manning will meet with the Dolphins this week, possibly even today.  They are not out of this by any means.

Welcome to the…

Tennessee Titans.  The Titans entered the race last night when owner Bud Adams declared his interest in the guy who has beaten his team so many times.  Manning will meet with the Titans before Wednesday, according to Mortensen.

Houston Texans.  Finally, the Texans have joined the race, inquiring about Peyton Manning.  This comes according to the Denver Post’s Mike Klis, who has done a simply fantastic job of covering the Manning saga (Klis also reports that the Broncos are engaged in contract talks with Peyton).  If Houston is serious about signing Peyton, the Texans will jump to number one on this list.  Manning is interested in them, and they are a super bowl contender even without the legend. 

San Francisco 49ers.  Although I am unsure of the 49ers level of interest or level of communication with Manning, Klis lists them as one of the 6 teams still in contention for Manning’s play.  Stay tuned on this one as well, as the 49ers are also a super bowl contender without Manning.

Those out of the race:

Washington Redskins.  They made a monster move to get into position to draft Robert Griffin III, but they were unlikely to be big players in this anyways.

New York Jets.  They gave Mark Sanchez an extension and a raise.  They will not go after Peyton now, and he does not want to go to the dysfunctional Jets.


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