Report: Colts release Addai, Brackett, Bullitt, Clark… and Painter

Big news coming in Indy, if the Indianapolis Star’s Mike Chappell is correct.

Chappell tweeted minutes ago:

Source says Colts have terminated contracts of Brackett, Clark, Addai, Bullitt. “It’s a whole new team,” source said.

Missed one. Colts also have released QB Curtis Painter.

Gary Brackett has been defensive captain for the Colts and a very good player and a great locker room guy.  After an injury caused him to miss almost all of last year and with the emergence of Pat Angerer, however, this is not all that unexpected.

Dallas Clark, when healthy, is maybe the best tight end in the league.  Problem is, he has trouble staying healthy.  Not overly a surprise. 

Joseph Addai is a big surprise to me.  Colts must have been very impressed with Donald Brown and Delone Carter last year.

Melvin Bullitt was not a surprise at all.  He is injured way too much.  He is a very capable starting safety when healthy. 

Curtis Painter was bad in every season in Indy.  Absolutley no surprise.

Also, the Colts are looking to trade Dwight Freeney.

Manning, Brackett, Clark, Bullitt, and Addai all gone in a span of two days.  The Colts next year will hardly resemble the Colts of old at all.  Change needed to come.  And it has.


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