The Decision: Looking at the Cleveland Browns’ Chances of Landing Peyton Manning

The Decision: Looking at where Peyton Manning may end up if he becomes a free agent… today, we look at the:


When Colt McCoy came out of college, I said he would be the best quarterback of the class.  Well, it has not turned out so well.  McCoy has shown some promise, but overall has not been too impressive.  Then again, neither has anybody else.  

The Browns finished 4-12.  Their star player, running back Peyton Hillis, did not give enough effort and was hurt as well.  Their receiving core is made up of… Massaquoi, Little, Cribbs, and Watson.  Not quite Wayne, Garcon, Collie, and Clark. 

Their defense is decent, but their best player, linebacker D’Qwell Jackson is a free agent.  

They play outdoors, in the snow.  They also play in a division that had three playoff teams last year.  The Steelers, Ravens, and Bengals are three very good defensive teams. 

A big plus for Cleveland is that they have two first round picks this year.  They hold the 4th overall pick and the 22nd overall.  They can get a nice offensive weapon with the 4th pick for Peyton.  

But first, Peyton would have to sign with Cleveland.  And I just do not see why Peyton would sign there.  

Chances of landing Manning:                      3/10 

Chances of playoffs with healthy Manning:                       90% 

Chances of winning super bowl with healthy Manning:   50%


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