The Decision: Looking at the New York Jets’ Chances of Landing Peyton Manning

The Decision: Looking at where Peyton Manning may end up if he becomes a free agent… today, we look at the:


The Jets are the team that ended what was likely Peyton Manning’s last game as a Colt: a 17-16 defeat in the final seconds in the now infamous Jim Caldwell timeout game.  After two straight AFC Championship game appearances (the first a loss in Lucas Oil Stadium to the Colts), the Jets looked like they would break through to the super bowl very soon. 

And then this year happened.  The Jets finished 8-8, and looked awful doing it.  The team has many issues, none bigger than at quarterback.  The Jets have been loyal to Mark Sanchez, but they would love Peyton Manning.  Some players have even said as much. 

The Jets have a strong team.  Strong enough that, with a healthy Peyton, would quite possibly be super bowl favorites. 

The talent is not the issue.  There are two big issues, however. 

The first is that Peyton’s brother Eli also plays in New York.  Imagine the media frenzy that would create.  Eli is the unofficial king of New York, with two super bowl titles including the 2011 super bowl (in Indianapolis) over the New England Patriots.  While Peyton is very close with his brother, I can’t imagine that is what he wants – a media circus in New York over the Manning brothers. 

The second, and biggest issue is Rex Ryan.  I personally think Ryan is a good coach.  I do not think Peyton would have an issue with him as a coach.  But Ryan is an in-your-face guy, who tells the media before his players.  He speaks his mind.  He embraces the circus that contributed to the Jets’ demise in 2011.  Peyton, on the other hand, likes to keep things private and work out things without the media.  I just cannot imagine that Peyton Manning and Rex Ryan could work together.  One embraces the circus, one resents it.  

So, while the Jets will be very talked about as contenders for Peyton Manning while they may look to be a good fit, off the field circumstances will likely cause Peyton to stay away from the Big Apple. 

Chances of landing Manning:                      5/10 

Chances of playoffs with healthy Manning:                       99% 

Chances of winning super bowl with healthy Manning:   65%


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One Response to The Decision: Looking at the New York Jets’ Chances of Landing Peyton Manning

  1. Chris Ross says:

    Great post. This Peyton Manning situation is going to get real interesting once Irsay makes it official that they are not going to give out the bonus to him. I mean, so many questions that are unanswered. I would love to see the guy continue to play and help another team out. It would just make the situation for fans that much better. Seeing him play and possibly transform a maligned franchise like the Redskins or Dolphins would just be sweet for entertainment purposes. These next couple months leading up to the draft are no doubt going to be crazy. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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