The Decision: Looking at the Denver Broncos’ Chances of Landing Peyton Manning

The Decision: Looking at where Peyton Manning may end up if he becomes a free agent… today, we look at the:


The Broncos were maybe the biggest story of the 2011 NFL season.  Let me rephrase that: Tim Tebow was the biggest story of the 2011 season.  There is no denying what the guy did was incredible.  He led the Broncos to the AFC West title, and an overtime wild card upset of the Pittsburg Steelers. 

But through it all, Tebow was guaranteed nothing.  After the season, team president John Elway said Tebow would be the starter going into training camp next year which means… that he will not lose his job in organized team activities? 

What if they bring in Peyton Manning? 

Elway would love to turn his team over to a fellow hall of fame quarterback.  Head coach John Fox would let Manning run the offense. 

It is almost scary how much Denver is set up in the exact formula of the teams which Elway won consecutive super bowls with at the end of his career.  Their defense is very good (led by reigning defensive rookie of the year, linebacker Von Miller), their offensive line is very good and their running game is very good.  Add in Peyton Manning and he would not have to carry the team.  When the weight of Elway’s team was eased a little, they won two in a row. 

All the Broncos need is a Peyton Manning, in one of the worst divisions in football. 

They would need a number one wideout, but they could pick one in a very deep free agent class or with their 25th overall draft pick. 

But why will Peyton Manning not go to Denver? 

Tim Tebow. 

Look, I like the guy.  My guess is Peyton respects him too.  But Tebow brings a media circus that we have frankly never seen before.  There would be many fans wanting Tebow instead of possibly the greatest quarterback of all time.  

Peyton would not want to be part of the craziness in Denver.  Tebow hasn’t asked for it, but it is there, and Peyton likely will not be. 

Chances of landing Manning:                      5/10 

Chances of playoffs with healthy Manning:                       99% 

Chances of winning super bowl with healthy Manning:   75%


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