The Decision: Looking at the Washington Redskins’ Chances of Landing Peyton Manning

The Decision: Looking at where Peyton Manning may end up if he becomes a free agent… today, we look at the:


Washington was always going to be in the discussion for Peyton Manning.  They are lacking a quarterback, and their owner Dan Snyder would be willing to dish out all the money in his bank account (maybe not, but close… see Albert Haynesworth times 100) to bring in a superstar like Manning.  Money is not the issue withWashington.  

Their quarterbacks last year were John Beck and Rex Grossman (whom Manning faced in Super Bowl XLI when he won his only Lombardi Trophy).  Even a semi-healthy Manning would be an upgrade.  

The weapons are lacking, but we have seen time and again Peyton make bottom of the roster guys good players.  Manning’s own description of the most valuable player when presenting the award to Aaron Rodgers was that “the most valuable player is the one who makes the most players valuable”.  That’s Peyton.  Roy Helu Jr., Evan Royster, Tim Hightower and Ryan Torain split time in the backfield this year, while Jabar Gaffney, Fred Davis and Santana Moss led the receiving end.  

And then there is Mike Shanahan.  He is one the hot seat.  He does not have time to develop a young QB.  He tried Donovan McNabb, and that did not turn out.  Last year, he had… Beck and Grossman.  He needs a Peyton Manning.  And it may be enticing to Peyton what Shanahan did with John Elway in Denver. 

In 1995, John Elway was 0-3 in the super bowl in his career and time was running out.  Mike Shanahan was brought in as the Broncos’ new head coach.  By 1997, he had built the team around the running game and defense, taking the pressure off the legendary Elway.  What resulted was two consecutive super bowl victories in Elway’s final two seasons.  Could he do the same with Peyton? 

Maybe.  And Shanahan would probably be willing to let Peyton run his offense, even though Shanahan is an offensive coach (he won a super bowl in 1994 as the offensive coordinator of the 49ers). 

The big issue: would his son be willing?  Mike’s son Kyle Shanahan is the offensive coordinator forWashington.  Would Kyle be willing to give up the reigns?  A lot of people think not.  And I just do not think Peyton would want to go somewhere where he would lose control – especially somewhere likeWashingtonwhere the team is not the greatest either. 

Also, would Peyton want to go to a division where he has to play his brother twice a year?  I’m not so sure.  

So while money is no issue with the Redskins, the offense and the talent is an issue.  And, surprisingly, a lot of theWashingtonmedia seems against the idea.  

Washingtondrafts 6th in the 2012 NFL Draft. 

Chances of landing Manning:                      6/10 

Chances of playoffs with healthy Manning:                       90% 

Chances of winning super bowl with healthy Manning:   45%


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