Indianapolis Passes the Test with Flying Colors

Indianapolis passed the Super Bowl test incredibly well.  In fact, the media is almost in unanimous agreement that the super bowl should be in Indy every few years.  Ultimately, however, it is the owners that decide.  Whatever they say, my guess is Indy gets another super bowl in a few years.  Here is just a small sampling of what the media had to say:

Adam Schefter, ESPN:

Every NFL official and media person I spoke with agreed Indianapolis should become a regular part of Super-Bowl rotation. Super job, Indy.
Trey Wingo, ESPN:
Farewell Indianapolis. As they said all week here, have a “Super” day! One of the best Super Bowl weeks ever. #Hoosierskilledit
Mike Tirico, ESPN:
#Indy you get an 11 out of 10. Best collective effort by any city hosting any sporting event I’ve attended. #SB46. #midwestpride
Will Carroll, SI:
Press in press box all raving about Indy. #social46
One of discussion points in next couple weeks for Indy will be baseball. Did super bowl so well could become “threat location” #social46
Sounds like corporate clients are happier with Indy than anyone. Tents, parties, sponsors thrilled with huge attendance. #social46
Jay Glazer, FOX:
Everything about it rocked — the people, events, parties, attractions. Best time I’ve had at a SB in a while. Thank you people of Indy
And some final numbers, from Dianna L. Boyce of the Indianapolis Super Bowl committe (village = Super Bowl Village; NFLX = NFL Experience):
Totals=1,105,000 Village, 265,039 NFLX and 10,429 Zipline riders. @SuperBowl2012 rocks!

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