My thoughts on Peyton Manning

By this point, it is well known the decision the Colts have in what to do with Peyton Manning.  It is also well known what actor (and friend of Jim Irsay) Rob Lowe tweeted in regards to Manning on Wednesday.

Here are my thoughts on what will happen with Peyton Manning:

All along, I have been saying that if healthy, Peyton Manning will be a Colt.  If not, he will retire.  I have said that for a long time, and I am not changing my opinion now.

However, all along I have thought that Peyton was going to be healthy.  When I saw Lowe’s tweet Wednesday, I finally came to the full recognition that it is anything but certain that Peyton can play again.  We are talking a neck injury, not a knee or an arm or something like that.  This is a neck.  And you can never tell how it will respond.

I know that Peyton wants to play.  Who wouldn’t?  But also, if he cannot play again, I think Peyton realizes that as well.

Will he retire?  I don’t know.  Does Irsay know?  Does Peyton know?  My guess is that they at least know enough to have an idea of what Peyton is going to do next year.

I think there is some truth to what Rob Lowe said, whether he was informed or not.

I think that Peyton Manning is seriously considering retirement.

Think for a minute: what if he is kinda healthy, but not sure if he can play well or even play at all.  Meanwhile, you have a rookie quarterback with as much hype and as NFL ready as anybody we have seen in a long time, sitting behind Manning.  Peyton will be looking over his shoulder.  Peyton will be, yes, maybe even playing for his job at some point in the near future.  There will be plenty of fans who want Luck over Manning.  And, Manning hates change.  The Colts have undergone massive change this offseason and are in a rebuilding stage.

Now think for a minute… would you want to come back to that?  If Peyton Manning is not fully healthy and isn’t sure what to do, I think he may lean towards retirement.

In his book he wrote with his father (yes, Peyton and Archie wrote a book.  It was published in 2000 and is called “Manning”), Peyton said this:

“The most unsettling thing that can happen at quarterback is to have a 1-A and a 1-B [in terms of quarterbacks].  Pepper Rodgers, the former coach says it’s like having a wife and a girlfriend.  He says, ‘When you’ve got two quarterbacks, you’ve got none.’  You can get away with having interchangeable running backs, but the whole offense springs from the quarterback and when there are two, the players will take sides, the media will take sides, and everybody will suffer.”

Manning was saying this because he experienced it while a freshman at the University of Tennessee.  There was another good young QB whom Manning split time with.  He mentions that he thought about transferring.  To find out what Manning thinks about the situation, you just have to look a little into his own words.

I think he would be nice to Luck.  In fact, I’m almost positive he would be and would help him learn.  But there would always be that tension.

I know, I know, he could go play somewhere else.  But I don’t think Jim Irsay wants Peyton Manning playing anywhere but Indy.  And also, did I mention that Peyton hates change?

Maybe I’m wrong.  But I think that before March 8, we may hear that Peyton Manning is retiring. 

But… let me make one thing clear: I cannot imagine that Peyton will announce it before March 2nd.  Why?  Simple.  March 2nd is the date when the season ticket forms are due for the Colts.  Jim Irsay will likely ask Peyton to delay his announcement for a few days. 

And lastly, I find it interesting that although Irsay joked about it, he has never denied Rob Lowe’s comments.  In an interview with Hannah Storm, Irsay looked up and to the right when answering a question about Peyton’s retirement – a sign normally associated with lying.

I’m just purely speculating here.  But I think that Peyton Manning’s retirement may be closer than many realize.


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