Legendary Defensive Line Coach John Teerlinck Fired by the Colts

The Colts today added legendary defensive line coach John Teerlinck to their list of fired coaches.  Teerlinck has always been one of my favorites.  A few years ago, I named three Colts assistants whom I thought were underrated and legendary.  They were offensive coordinator Tom Moore, offensive line coach Howard Mudd, and defensive line coach John Teerlinck.  Teerlinck was the last of the three to go. 

John Teerlinck also was largely responsible for creating the best pass rush duo in the NFL.  Dwight Freeney was drafted in the first round.  He would have been a good player.  In my opinion, it was Teerlinck that made him great.  Robert Mathis was a 6th round draft pick.  He may not even be known around the league if not for Teerlinck.  And certainly, he would not be getting a big contract this offseason.  Under Teerlinck, many other players excelled as well.  Anyone remember Raheem Brock?  Or Booger McFarland? 

Teerlinck also got along extremely well with his players.  Watch any Colts video and if it shows Teerlinck, it almost always shows him on the bench talking with his players.  Some times they would be joking, others they would actually be talking defense.  But you can tell that the defensive line, especially Freeney, got along with him. 

I am going to miss John Teerlinck.  The Colts will too.  But, unfortunatlely, great assistants get fired during a house cleaning. 

One last thing about John Teerlinck: I will miss his golf cart when I go to training camp this year.  It just won’t seem the same without it…

Also fired by the Colts in the past few days are John’s son Bill Teerlinck, special assistant to the defense Rod Perry, strength and conditioning coach John Torine offensive line coach Pete Metzelaars, and wide recievers coach Frank Reich, and head coach Jim Caldwell.  Also, former defensive backs coach Alan Williams has left the team to become the Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator.  Defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Mike Murphy is reportedly contemplating retirement. 

Interestingly, I haven’t heard anything about offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen losing his job.  This may just be because they haven’t gotten to him yet, but it also may be for Peyton Manning.  The only, and I mean only, way I can see Christensen staying on through a coaching change is to keep Peyton Manning’s offense in place.  Because if Peyton can’t run his offense, he won’t play offense at all (in my opinion).  And so if the Colts plan to keep Peyton, they better plan to keep his offense around for a few more years.  Just something to think about…

So long, John Teerlinck.  Thanks for the memories.  And if assistant coaches were inducted into the hall of fame, you would certainly be worthy.


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