Some Numbers on Peyton Manning’s Contract

The folks over at Colts Authority recently wrote two great articles on Peyton Manning’s contract.  The first was about the cap hit that the Colts would take in different scenarios with Peyton.  The second was about why the Colts absolutley cannot trade Manning.

Here is what they concluded.  I am inclined to trust them, but just for clarification these numbers are not official or confirmed.

According the them, the Colts would take a $38,400,000 cap hit if they trade Peyton Manning after March 8 (and, I may add that they cannot trade him before due to the league year having not yet started).  If they then released Dallas Clark, Gary Brackett, Joseph Addai, Melvin Bullitt, Adam Vinatieri, Jerry Hughes, Donald Brown, “Mookie” Johnson, Zac Diles, Fili Moala, and Justin Snow, they would still be $20 million over the cap.

If they then decided to release Dwight Freeney and Antoine Bethea as well, they would still be $3 million dollars over the cap. 

Also, you would have to replace all of them.  Lets say that the Colts replace them with minimum salary guys.  The Colts would be around $10 million over the cap and have an awfully terribly crappy team. 

They cannot trade Peyton Manning.

Also, they compiled a list of the cap hit Manning’s contract would have in many different scenarios.  Here it is.

Cut or Trade Peyton before March 8th: 16mil of dead cap

Cut or Trade Peyton after March 8th: 44mil of dead cap

Cut or Trade Peyton after 2012: 33mil of dead cap

Cut or Trade Peyton after 2013: 22mil of dead cap

Cut or Trade Peyton after 2014: 11mil of dead cap

After 2015: Peyton’s contract expires

So basically, the Colts “would be better off paying Manning his option bonus to sit on the couch watching “Hannah Montana” than they would be trading him”, and cutting him after March 8th wouldn’t be a good option either.

So, bottom line is that the Colts must either cut Peyton Manning before March 8th or keep him as their quarterback.


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