Colts fan… or Manning fan?

“Colts are getting andrew luck, and peyton is 35. Any fan pissed colts will part with peyton isnt a colts fan, but a manning fan” 

Earlier today, I was looking at various Colts stuff and saw the above tweet from Stampede Blue from a few days ago.  And I don’t necessarily believe that is true.  

Look, there is no doubt that the best thing for the franchise is to go with Andrew Luck.  No question.  I’m the biggest Peyton Manning supporter there is, but I’m also a realist.  And, I am a Colts fan first, not a Manning fan. 

But I absolutely do not want to see Peyton in any colors other than blue and white.  I don’t want him ever wearing any logo but the horseshoe on his helmet.  

And let me first say that I really believe that the Colts will draft Luck and will keep Peyton as well.  Not saying that is what they should do necessarily, but what they will do. 

Can a Colts fan actually be mad if the Colts get rid of Peyton? 

I believe so. 

Peyton Manning is the most beloved sports figure in the history of Indianapolis sports.  No doubt that Peyton turned Indy into a football town.  And through all of his successes on the field, Peyton was an even better guy off the field. 

He has done so much for the city of Indianapolis in his years here.  The Colts fans, many of whom have never known to root for any team other than Peyton’s Colts, have loved Peyton.  And if the Colts just released him, Colts fans would be devastated.  I would be too. 

There are also many fans who would also likely be mad.  Why?  Simple… because they believe that Peyton Manning is the best option at QB for the Colts next year.  Keep in mind that not everyone even believes that Andrew Luck is the best QB in this draft.  The huge majority does, including me, but not everyone.  Robert Griffin III has really climbed up some draft boards recently. 

It is impossible for everyone to have the same opinion on a situation as important as this.  

And I know plenty of Colts fans will be mad if Peyton Manning is playing somewhere else next year. 

Being a Colts fan doesn’t mean agreeing with everything the team does.  Heck, if it did, there would be no Colts fans. 

But it does mean, that whatever the team’s leaders decide, that Colts fans support the team still.  That they continue to root for the blue and white.  

You can’t tell whether a person is a Colts fan or a Manning fan until after the decision is made.  

And my guess is that we find out that a lot of the people are the biggest Peyton Manning fans are also some of the biggest Colts fans. 

We will find out before long if that’s true.


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