What Jim Irsay said that Particularly Interested Me

Jim Irsay held a press conference today to announce the firing of Bill and Chris Polian. 

I couldn’t help but notice what he said about Peyton Manning, both directly and indirectly. 

First of all, Irsay said that on the big decisions like what to do with Peyton’s contract, with the first overall pick, and with who the head coach is, that is his decision.  “That’s the way it has to be” Irsay said. 

Irsay then was asked about Peyton Manning.  Irsay said “I don’t know” if Peyton would play football again.  He said they would talk in a week or so.  

What Irsay said today that really struck me was when he said that “Clearly, we are in a rebuilding stage.”  I cannot see how rebuilding and keeping Peyton can happen.  Peyton Manning just does not have the time to be on a rebuilding team when he will be 36 at the start of next year. 

Irsay then said that if you have the chance to get the pillar of your franchise, you take it.  That pillar is Andrew Luck.  

I was repeatedly saying that Peyton Manning would be back if he is healthy.  First off, Irsay doesn’t even know if he will play again.  Second, the Colts are going to take Andrew Luck and Irsay said the Colts are in a rebuilding stage.  “No sugarcoating it.”  

Can Peyton Manning still be inIndianapolisif Andrew Luck is there?  Can Peyton Manning be a part of a “rebuilding” team?  Can Peyton Manning even play at all? 

Those are the questions that Colts fans will be asking for the next few months.


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