Changes Coming to West 56th Street

This is the time of year when teams make changes to try to improve their teams and increase their chances of winning the super bowl.  Black Monday, the day following the end of the regular season in which many head coaches are fired, is just two days away.  It has been a while since the Colts have made moves on Black Monday.  The last time their season was finished by Black Monday was following the 2001 season.  The Colts went 6-10 that year, and head coach Jim Mora was fired.  The Colts hired Tony Dungy to replace him, and the rest is history. 

The 2011 Colts are a far cry from Dungy’s Colts.  And Dungy’s friend and successor Jim Caldwell may be coaching his last game for the Colts tomorrow in Jacksonville. 

Sports Illustrated’s Will Carroll:

So here’s your Tuesday Indy headlines: Caldwell out, Polians stay, Irsay gets more involved.

He also shared the following:

Polian hire is usually boring and safe and someone they know.

Ok Colts fans – be REALISTIC. Who will replace Caldwell. My guess is Dom Capers. My upside pick is Wade Phillips.

Indianapolis sports radio host Jon Michael Vincent (JMV):

Polians stay, Caldwell goes, and a Caldwell like (and very unexciting) choice is next.

And SI’s Don Banks is already looking at who might replace Caldwell as head coach:

Given the quarterback situation the Colts face next season, maybe Andrew Luck, maybe Peyton Manning, maybe both, I would be shocked senseless if Indy didn’t opt for an offensive-minded head coach. The Colts also won’t go for an outside-the-box candidate like Rob Ryan, because image is very important within the franchise and the Indianapolis market, and the Polians would sooner divulge detailed injury reports than turn into daredevils on the hiring front.

I could see a proven and solid commodity like Mike Sherman making a lot of sense in Indy. Maybe a Jay Gruden, a Mike Mularkey, or even a Brian Schottenheimer. But whoever it is, he’ll have a passing game pedigree and hopefully be able to pick up the pieces of a disastrous 2011 in Colts-dom.

Stampede Blue mentions Norv Turner as another option for the job.

Stampede Blue also mentions a very possible situation that could arise:

We already know that Manning and the Polians are feuding on some level, and if Irsay refuses to dump Bill and his boys, Manning might view that as Irsay picking them over him. He could then ask Irsay to release him, allowing Peyton to win a Super Bowl somewhere else next year.

If Caldwell is indeed fired, I will have a post looking at who could replace him and some info for you that are clueless about who the above people are.  I think Dom Capers is a very possible option.  Polian already hired him once, when he was in Carolina.  And, it would be better than Norv Turner. 

But the big story here is that it sounds like Jim Caldwell will be out as head coach.  With what I had been hearing recently, I was beginning to think he may keep his job. 

Tomorrow will be the final day in the blue and white and the horseshoe for many people.  Reggie Wayne (who, according to Phil Wilson, removed his nameplate from his locker and already began shipping his things down to Miami), Gary Brackett (who acknowledged on twitter that it may be over), Jim Caldwell, and many others.  And depending on the result, maybe Peyton Manning. 

Yup, changes are coming at West 56th street.


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