Forget Andrew Luck for a minute.

These Colts didn’t quit, they played good defense, and Dan Orlovsky was great when it mattered.

And, what better way for Reggie Wayne to end his Colts career (a lot of people are assuming he doesn’t come back next year) at home by the crowd chanting “Reggie!  Reggie!  Reggie!” with 19 seconds on the clock as the Colts celebrated a stunning win?

Dan Orlovsky was great.  He completed 23 of 41 passes for 244 yards and a touchdown.  He was constantly under duress all night and he showed great pocket presense.  And, when it counted, he made the plays. 

And also, he threw left.

Reggie Wayne was great as well.  8 catches, 106 yards, and a touchdown. 

The defense kept the Colts in the game.  The only touchdown they allowed was when the Texans got the ball at the Colts 17 yard line on the second play of the game.  From then it was a field goal game.  Vinatieri made 4/5 field goals tonight, with his long being 47 yards.  His miss was a 42 yarder. 

If it wasn’t for Arian Foster’s 158 yards on the ground, the Colts stats would look alot better.  But, as we know, the only stat that matters is points.  And the Colts defense only allowed 16. 

And about Andrew Luck… who cares?  Honestly, there was no thought in my mind when Reggie caught that touchdown.  Just pure joy.  Check out what I tweeted right after that:

Colts fans, enjoy the win.  There will be plenty of time to sort out the Luck sweepstakes, and if the Colts lose in Jacksonville next week, they lock it up. 
But don’t cheer for a loss. 
Be loyal.  Believe in Blue.  Go Colts.

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