Jim Irsay says if Manning’s healthy, he will be in Indy

“I think if the situation is where he’s back and he’s healthy, Rich, I see him coming back and playing here.” – Colts owner Jim Irsay

Tonight on the NFL Network’s pregame show, Colts owner Jim Irsay said that if Peyton Manning is healthy, he will be a Colt next year.  He said money is no issue.

The Indianapolis Star’s Phil Wilson does an incredible job covering the Colts.  Check out his story on what Irsay said here.

[on the issue of money] “I don’t see that being the issue.  Look, I paid him $26 million this year and he didn’t play. I knew it was an iffy situation going in. 

“In terms of if he’s healthy and if he’s ready to play, I see him back with us. And the draft will be what the draft is. There’s a lot of situations that could unfold from here. If there’s a great, young quarterback there, we wouldn’t hesitate to take him.”

The Star’s Bob Kravitz, who also does a tremendous job covering the Colts, tweeted this shorty after Irsay’s comments:

“If Peyton is back, he’s gonna play two, three years at the least, assuming he’s healthy. If I’m Luck, I’m forcing a trade somewhere else.”
Irsay has been loyal to Peyton the whole time.  That is the only reason that I kept thinking there is a chance Manning comes back next year.  And Irsay is not like Polian.  You can believe Irsay.  I believe him on this.  If it is at all possible, I think Irsay wants to stick with Manning until the hall of famer is done.  And based on what he said tonight, that may happen. 
 Keep in mind, reports are that Manning is doing really well.  From the looks of it, Manning will be healthy.  Which means he will likely be a Colt next year, if Irsay has anything to say about it. 
And he does.

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