Peyton Manning will not practice this season

The Colts today announced that Peyton Manning will not practice this season.  This announcement comes just 2 days after they announced he would not play.  The reason the Colts have kept him on the active roster all year and not placed him on injured reserve was because they hoped he could practice.

Here is what Colts head coach Jim Caldwell said today (tip to Phil Wilson of the Indy Star):

“He’s rehabbing. I think that’s probably what I can say the best to you.  I know it’s one of those things where everybody has an interest. He’s not going to practice at all with us here for the next two weeks. 

“One reason why, it’s a short week this week. We’re probably going to operate at a little different pace.  He feels, I think, and the doctors and the guys that he’s working with, feel that he could probably be a little better served kind of working in his own drill work.  He can put together some things to certainly enhance his rehab.”

“He’s also concerned about not taking any reps away from Dan (Orlovsky) or Curtis (Painter) in terms of week’s preparation.  He’s going to focus in more of just the rehab and probably the rehab more so outside of maybe the confines of a practice session.”

Colts general manager Bill Polian also spoke of Manning this morning, on a national radio show.  He said that Manning is throwing with “decent velocity”. 

He later made a rare appearance with the Colts media.  From Wilson:

Polian said if Manning fails his physical at season’s end, the quarterback will be able to continue his rehabilitation with the team. 

“I know he wanted to get out there badly,” Polian said. “That’s his nature. I don’t blame him. That’s the way he is. That’s why he’s accomplished as much as he’s accomplished. But the medical situation is what it is.”


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