Week 15: Yeah, We’re 1-13, but COLTS WIN!!!!!!

Listen, I get that the Colts are 1-13.  But put that aside for a minute and enjoy this win.  Colts fans haven’t experianced this for a long time.

Donald Brown was the big star of the game, although there were many.  Brown rushed 16 times for 161 yards and an 80 yard TD.  That 80 yard TD was the play of the year, no doubt.  It has been a while since I celebrated so much after a play.  But there were many great players today, especially on the defensive side.  Pat Angerer had 12 tackles and a pick, Jacob Lacey had 12 tackles and a 32 yard pick-6, Ernie Sims had 15 tackles and Chris Rucker had 11.

Dan Orlovsky got his first win as a starter today.  So glad for him.  Nobody deserves to go 0-16 once, let alone twice.  Ernie Sims and Orlovsky were both on the 2008 Lions team.  Both showed up today.  Orlovsky only threw for 82 yards, but he was 11/17 with a nice touchdown pass and no picks.  He also threw the key block to spring Donald Brown for his 80 yard TD run. 

As Bill Polian said, Peyton Manning should not overshadow this win.  There is pleanty of time to talk about Peyton and the new reports that came out today.  But right now is time to celebrate a great team win and the Colts first win of the year. 

As Donald Brown said, “We get to go home with a smile for once.”

Good for him.  Good for the team.  Good for the fans. 

Let’s go get another win Thursday, at home against the division champion Texans.


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