Manning Throwing, Will NOT Play this Season

I am titling this new section “The Decision”.  For some reason, when you type it into Google, it comes up with this Lebron guy.  What’s up with that? (I’m kidding)   

But the Colts have a HUGE decision coming up, something I have talked a lot about on twitter (@Coltsfanwilson) and have mentioned on this site.  They have to decide what to do with Peyton Manning and decide what to do with Andrew Luck.  I will have some articles up about the challenges and options the Colts have, and  I will post updates here under “The Decision” category when they come about.  For up to the minute info and updates, follow me on twitter. 

There was a lot of talk about Peyton Manning today.

This morning, Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) tweeted a report on Manning: 

“PManning worked w WRs and RBs after practice this week, told he had pads on. It was after practice was over, but he’s pushing to get back” 

A little later, the NFL Network said that Peyton Manning may play Thursday night on their broadcast of Texans at Colts.  According to Phil Wilson (@pwilson24), Bill Polian was not happy about that: 

“Overheard in press box just now, #Colts VC Bill Polian on phone to #NFL, reportedly complaining about report Manning could play Thurs.” 

Ashley Adamson (@AdamsonAshley):

“Manning wore pads and helmet at a post-practice workout on Wednesday. Consisted of 30 throws, 7-8 handoffs.”

After the game, Polian made a rare appearance.  He showed up in the press conference room, offered an update on Peyton, and then left.  Here is what Polian said:

“I’m here for a specific reason, which I’ll get to in a minute. But I just want to say how happy I am for coach Caldwell, for the coaching staff, for our players, for how diligently and how spectacularly they’ve worked and prepared through all of this difficulty. To Mike Murphy and the defensive staff, what a great job in three weeks to get this team flying again. We couldn’t be prouder of them.

“I’m here to set the record straight about rampant speculation that has gone on all morning and afternoon regarding Peyton Manning’s activities this past week and his future with respect to playing and practicing this season.

“Wednesday after we finished our full team practice, Peyton went through a prescribed rehabilitation session which consisted of about 30 throws and seven or eight handoffs. Involved in that session were Joseph Addai, Jeff Saturday snapping the ball, Anthony Gonzalez and a practice-squad receiver. Peyton wore pads and a helmet, which he is allowed to do by rule and by CBA. There is a tape of that workout, which I attended and which coach Caldwell attended. His throws were scripted at his request, meaning that he made specific throws with respect to the kinds of plays that we would run in a ballgame. The reason for that is because the strength and conditioning folks and the therapy folks felt that was the best way to ramp up the kinesiology of muscle use. I want to emphasize here that we broke no rule. We had no obligation to report that workout. It was a post-practice rehabilitation workout, which is perfectly and completely legal. We have the tape of it, as I mentioned, and if anyone at the league office has any questions regarding it – and no one has asked – we would happy to supply them the tape.

“On Thursday, we met with the doctors and the rehabilitation folks, and the strength and conditioning folks and our training staff, and in that meeting we outlined where Peyton was and where he might be expected to go in the future. With respect to that meeting, it was determined by the doctors that there was no chance he would play this year. His rehabilitation has not come far enough to make it prudent for him to step on the field in game action. He may practice in some very script and circumscribed circumstances if he wishes. That’s entirely up to him. And he will be thinking that through. It probably, I would suspect given the short week, it probably isn’t an issue this coming week. But he will not play, either in the upcoming game Thursday night or in the last game at Jacksonville. That decision was made last Thursday by the medical people.

“That is consistent with what Jim Irsay and I have said all year. So there is absolutely no change in our position. We have said we have kept him active in order for him to get back into practice if that was possible. That was the reason for keeping him active. Jim said as recently I believe as a couple weeks ago that he doubted very seriously if Peyton would play and that was an appropriate judgment on his part. I hope that this puts this speculation to rest and that we can correctly celebrate the great effort that our guys made and our coaches made this afternoon.

“Thank you.” 


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