Peyton Manning’s Neck has “achieved firm fixation”

“Fixation is a good thing,people…The Man on the white horse RISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Jim Irsay on twitter last night, about Peyton Manning

In a statement last night, the Indianapolis Colts and Dr. Robert Watkins provided an update on Peyton Manning.  The news was encouraging.  Watkins, the doctor who performed Manning’s single-level anterior fusion surgery in September said Manning’s neck has “achieved firm fixation.” 

“Peyton will now be allowed to increase the intensity and breadth of his workouts as tolerated.  There remains every indication that his recovery will continue.” said Dr. Watkins.

“There still is no timetable for Peyton’s return to practice, which is one of many steps in his expected return to game action. He is working hard on a rehabilitation program outlined in conjunction with myself, (Colts director of rehabilitation) Erin Barill and Peyton. His response to this plan in the future will dictate his return date.”

In a statement released through the team, Peyton Manning said, “I am encouraged with what ‘Doc’ had to say,” Manning said in a team release. “I am happy that I can increase my rehabilitation program as outlined by him, Erin and the Colts medical staff.  I am hopeful for continued progress in this next phase of my rehab.”

And, yet, Bob Kravitz says that it should not really matter.

“We’re happy for Peyton Manning. Of course we are. The Thursday night news that his neck is healing, that he has a chance to play football again, is an undeniably wonderful development for a guy who has given heart and soul to this franchise and this city.

And yet, as far as the Indianapolis Colts are concerned, it shouldn’t really matter.”

Kravitz, in his excellent article this morning, goes on to point on why Manning and Luck cannot exist on the same roster.  Even if you are the strongest Manning supporter (like me), you have to start coming to the realization that Peyton Manning may not be a Colt next year. 

At some point, Colts fans are going to embrace the fact that they’re going from one franchise quarterback to another franchise quarterback in the space of one year.

“In Miami, they’re still looking for Dan Marino’s successor.

In Denver, they’re still looking for someone to replace John Elway.

The Colts? They’ve hit the lottery.

They’ve sucked for Luck.

Happy day.”

And he ends his article with this:

“I get that fans in our city do not want to contemplate life without the greatest and most influential athlete we’ve ever known.

But think with your head, and not your heart. Think rationally, not emotionally. And the decision becomes obvious.”

So, while we received good news about Peyton Manning last night, it still does not mean he will be a Colt next year. 

I’m stressed about this decision.

Imagine how Irsay must feel.


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