“Suck for Luck” will be the end of Peyton

Bob Kravitz has said it.  Stampede Blue has said it.  I have said it. 

Getting Andrew Luck will mean the end of Peyton Manning in Indianapolis. 

Brad Wells pointed that out here at SB Nation. 

“As the Colts keep losing, the slow, creeping reality of a Manningless team in 2012 is something Indianapolis fans and media must begin to accept.  Earning the No. 1 overall pick would mean an immediate end to the Manning era in Indy. As ESPN noted last week, should the Colts take Luck, Peyton Manning would walk away from the Colts peacefully knowing full and well that Luck would become the new face of the franchise.

So, for you Colts fans out there showing up to games at Lucas Oil Stadium wearing Andrew Luck jerseys, I hope you know what you’re saying when you make that kind of statement. Andrew Luck in Indy means Peyton Manning isn’t.

Are you ready to accept that? Are you ready to turn that page? Maybe you are, but no Manning in 2012 also likely means no Reggie Wayne. No Robert Mathis. No Gary Brackett. It would bring to an end an era in Colts history. As is typical with the end of one era and the beginning of another, losing will become the norm.

Are you ready for that too?”


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