Week 10: Colts need Moore Offense…

On a day the Colts honored former offensive coordinator Tom Moore, they sure could have used some more of Moore’s offense. 

The Colts managed just 212 total yards, 3 points, and 4 3rd down conversions on 15 attempts.  Curtis Painter was terrible, going 13/19 for 94 yards, and 2 INTS.  He had a 3rd INT overturned due to the Jaguars having 12 men on the field.  He seems to be getting worse each and every week. 

The defense played decent – they allowed only 251 total yards, and more importantly, only 17 points.  If the defense could do that every week, I would be thrilled.

This was supposed to be the best chance to win left on the schedule for Indy.  And the Colts were absolutely terrible.  This team could realistically go 0-16.  They have a bye next week, and then the Carolina Panthers come to town.  Although the Panthers are 2-7, I fear Cam Newton may have a big day against this Colts D.

I also want to add a note about the fans.  I attended today’s game, and I thought the fans were great.  It was very loud at times, and I did not hear one fan mention the name of Andrew Luck (Although, a fan in my section was wearing a Luck jersey).  They did boo quite a bit, but guess what?  They deserve to.  What they witnessed was an awful performance by an awful team.  They booed Painter off the field multiple times.  If CP7 is starting after the bye, I may think this team really is “Sucking for Luck”.  Dan Orlovsky has to start, especially with a bye week to get ready.

Also, Bill Polian said after the game that he expects Peyton Manning to be back next year.  I think he needs to make sure he is back first.  But, I really want and hope Peyton is back next year.  Whether he will be is another question.

One thing was made certain today, however: The Colts stink.


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