Some Pre-Game News…

Earlier this morning, Bob Kravitz wrote a great and very interesting article about Chris Polian.  Kravitz says that the cutting of Ryan Lilja and the departures of Tom Moore, Howard Mudd, and Tom Anile, along with others, were because of Chris. 

Says Kravitz:

“It wasn’t Caldwell who chose to start the season with a paper-thin secondary. It wasn’t Caldwell who woke up one day and said, “Gosh, I’d really like to start the season with four offensive linemen who are either starting for the first time or playing a new position.” It wasn’t Caldwell who held on to Curtis Painter, then showed so little faith in the quarterback he went out and spent $4 million on Kerry Collins.

If Caldwell is going to be judged on this season after going 26-10 his first two years, shouldn’t Chris Polian?”

Also this morning, ESPN Sunday Countdown reportedly had some surprising news about Peyton Manning.  I did not see the segment, but Laura Callaway of Coltzilla did and tweeted this:

“ESPN NFL Sunday Countdown: If Colts took Luck, Manning would believe Luck should start, so he (#18) would leave peacefully”
Basically, if the Colts draft Andrew Luck, Peyton is gone.  If the Colts choose, they could release him and get away from his huge contract (thanks to Peyton).  Unbelievable, but it may happen.  In December, Manning is basically practicing for his spot (if he can practice).
Alot of pregame news today.  Colts and the Falcons kick off at 1:00 from Lucas Oil.  Go Colts!



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