Week 8: How Low Can They Go?

Last week, I thought the Colts reached their low point of the season. 

Honestly, I think today may have been lower. 

Sure, the game was closer.  The Colts only lost by 17.  But it was the way they lost.  Bad offense, bad special teams, bad coaching, bad penalties, bad officiating.

The offense could not get anything done for much of the day.  They scored only 10 points.  As Nate Dunlevy pointed out, they got inside the Titans 5 yard line 3 different times, and came away with 3 points. 

The special teams was bad, like normal.  The Colts punted 7 times in the first half.  One of them was blocked and returned for a touchdown.  Joe Lefeged was bad, as usual, returning kicks.  Somebody tell him to take a knee.

The defense played well for the most part.  They only allowed 20 points (the other 7 was on the blocked punt).  I will take that any day.  They held Tennessee to only 311 yards.  Pat Angerer notched 10 more tackles.

The coaching was bad as well.  Jim Caldwell decided to kick a field goal down 20-0 inside the 5 yard line.  That was the worst call of the day easily for Caldwell.  I’m still not a fan of Caldwell’s game plans.

The penalties were terrible.  The Colts had 10 for 66 yards.   The Titans only had 3 for 40.  I hate to put alot of blame on the officials, but they were bad today.  They missed multiple pass interference calls, none more obvious than on the Colts last offensive play of the game.  On 4th and goal from the 4, Painter’s pass intended for Pierre Garcon was incomplete, but it sure looked like Gerald McRath got there early.

I do want to give Curtis Painter credit, however.  He was playing behind an awful line (only 1 player started who was a projected opening day starter – Jeff Saturday), and he had some bad breaks (missed pass interference calls, tipped interceptions), and he still played for 60 minutes.  Painter was 26/49 (both career highs) for 250 yards (5.1 yards per attempt), 0 TD and 2 INT.  But Curtis also rushed 7 times for 79 yards (11.3 yards per carry, long of 24) and was the game’s leading rusher.  This was a good game by Painter, overall.  He still is not doing enough to win, but he is not losing games either.  I could not have asked for much more out of him than that.

The Colts are 0-8, and they host the Atlanta Falcons next Sunday.  After that it is home against Jacksonville, and then the bye. 

The Colts are bad, but with Peyton Manning they are a 10 win team.  Alot of people are asking how Manning would help.  I hope to have a post later this week explaining how he would make the difference.

Until then, do not lose hope Colts fans.  They are still in 1st place in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.


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One Response to Week 8: How Low Can They Go?

  1. boilerup4758 says:

    Thank God there is someone else out there who sees through Caldwell. I’ve said from the start that he’s not fit for this Colts team, and this season proves it. Granted, not having Peyton will undoubtedly lead to a bad season.. but winless? Caldwell has done no strategizing that I’ve seen to accommodate his loss.

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