Week 6: Sucking for Luck

This is unbelievable.  How could the Colts be that bad in the final 6 minutes?  First it was a blocked 52 yard field goal, which would have tied it at 20.  Pat McAfee’s hold was bad, which was the reason for the block.  Then, the Colts get a break with the Bengals missing their own field goal.  But what do the Colts do?  On 1st and 10, Curtis Painter throws to Pierre Garcon, who after being hit, tries to lateral it back to someone.  I don’t know who.  Jeff Saturday was the only lineman there.  Dallas Clark was a few yards away.  That play was one of the worst plays I can ever remember seeing.  I honestly have no idea what he was doing.  It’s not like it’s 3rd or 4th down, or the last play of the game.  It’s 1st stinking down and with a few minutes left.  The Bengals picked it up and ran it back 35 yards to put them up by 10.  Then, with around 2 minutes left, Painter is intercepted.  It was a bad decision, plain and simple.  The Bengals ran out the clock and won 27-17. 

Normally I post observations from the game, trying to show the positives.  Well, I’m just sick.  I could list the positives, becuase I guess there were some. But really, whats the point?  This team is still 0-6, and still awful.  And it won’t get any better next week.  The Colts travel to New Orleans next week.  That was one of the games I thought the Colts would lose even when I thought they had Manning.  It could get ugly, Colts fans. 

Oh, wait… it already is.


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