Around the League: Week 3

Every week I will try to post a quick update on what happened around the league the previous weekend.  Obviously, it won’t include the Colts since I post a separate recap for them.  I will also be sure to include a special note on how the Colts next opponent did.

 My apologies for writing this so late.  I hope to get back on schedule next week. 

  • Buffalo Bills were the biggest story of last week.  Advancing to 3-0 after huge comeback against the Patriots, and they picked Brady off 4 times. 
  • If Matthew Stafford stays healthy, not only will he be a pro-bowler, but he will be in some MVP discussion and the Lions will be in the super bowl discussion. 
  • Joe Flacco was great, throwing for 389 yards, 3 TD and no picks in the Raven’s big win.
  • The Eagles have to be worried right now.  They are losing, but worse the guy they paid so much money to can’t stay healthy.  He never has been able to, but the Eagles were willing to take the risk, and so far it is not looking too good.
  • That return play by Chicago was awesome.  Great, great design.  Too bad the officials imagined a holding call and threw the flag.
  • Darren McFadden is dominating the NFL.  Best running back in the league right now, and I think he will have a big day against New England this weekend.
  • Wes Welker was sensational.  16 catches, 217 yards, 2 TDs?  Those are ridiculous numbers. 
  • Who knew Torrey Smith before last weekend?  I sure didn’t.  152 yards and 3 touchdowns for the Ravens.
  • Somebody explain to me how the Vikings only gave their best player 5 carries in the second half.  I don’t get it.
  • People care way to much about fantasy football.  Real football is so much better.  Tony Romo played a very good game; just staying on the field the whole game was a huge accomplishment.  He played good, but since his “fantasy numbers” were not too good, many fans don’t think he played well.  Seriously.

 Next Week: 

I thought Tampa Baywould be much better than they have been this year.  I thought Josh Freeman would be much better than he has been.  But they are still a better team than the Colts without Manning.  Last week, however, the Colts really impressed me with their effort.  Curtis Painter is making his first career start, so Reggie Wayne should be on his game.  Painter is just not a good quarterback, but he can’t do worse than Kerry Collins has done (I hope).  I think the Colts lose, but not without a tough fight.  [Note: the Buccaneers will not be blacked out locally for the first time since 2009.  That’s what the Colts coming to town will do, even without Manning.]


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