Week 3: Freeney and Mathis Almost Pull It Off

It felt like I was watching Notre Dame all over again.  A great defensive effort, a putrid offensive effort.  All the offense did was a big late drive.  But, the Colts lost and the Irish won.  Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis reminded the entire country why they are so good.  Pat Angerer had 20 tackles.  The Steelers only averaged 2.4 yards per rush.  But the offense couldn’t get going.  The defense scored as many touchdowns as the offense.  Bottom line is the Colts are 0-3, and facing an underachieving Tampa Bay team next week.

  • As I mentioned, Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis were GREAT tonight.  Both had forced fumbles.
  • Pat Angerer had 20 tackles, as I also previously mentioned.  The next closest was Kavell Connor with 10.  Phillip Wheeler tied for 3rd on the team with 5.  The young linebackers got it done.
  • Jamaal Anderson has scored 25% of the Colts touchdowns this year.  Scored on a 47 yard fumble recovery.
  • Kerry Collins was bad, but I thought he had some good throws sprinkled in.
  • Curtis Painter didn’t really provide a spark on offense, either.
  • Joseph Addai continued running well tonight.  17 for 186 and a touchdown, an average of 5.1 yards per carry.  Addai averaged nearly 2 yards more per carry than Kerry Collins did per pass.  Painter only averaged 0.4 yards per pass more than Addai did per rush.
  • Pat McAfee should kick it out of bounds every time he punts.  Awful coverage.
  • Some questionable coaching decisions in 1st half: Angerer on Mike Wallace (the fastest guy on the field), and having Dallas Clark block James Harrison.
  • Peyton Manning was in the booth, presumably calling the plays.  He looked pretty good in the booth, but he would have looked much better with an 18 jersey on.
  • Hate to single out one play, but if Painter hits that throw to a WIDE OPEN Garcon which would have been a TD, its a different ball game.

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