Peyton Manning Talks to the Indy Star

Peyton Manning talked to the Indianapolis Star recently, and had some interesting things to say.  Here are some of the highlights from Mike Chappell’s article.

  • “I walked around for a while angry, in a bad mood. . . . ‘Woe is me,’ ” he conceded. “I’ve gotten over that. It doesn’t do any good.  I’m learning to deal with it and trying to have a good attitude. I’m not walking around looking for any pity party.”
  • “I get a project from them each week, the best way I can help,” Manning said. “I want to be a resource. I want to help.  You figure out the best way you can help and not overload Kerry with information. You give ideas.”
  • “Eventually I’d like to get back on the sidelines just to be around,” Manning said. “You really miss that.  Trust me, I’m bleeding with everyone else. It’s still ‘we.’ It’s not ‘them.’ I’m right there in it with them.”
  • “I’ve told Bill (Polian, vice chairman) he has to deal with the roster,” Manning said. “If the season goes like it did last year, who knows? My obligation is to get healthy and help the team.  What I’m learning about my injury is there is some unknowns. Such a large part of it is out of my hands.”

Manning also said that he experienced temporary pain in Feburary, but it subsided before it returned in mid-May.  He had surgery May 23. 

Read more from Manning’s exclusive interview with the Star here.


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