Around the League: Week 2

Every week I will try to post a quick update on what happened around the league the previous weekend.  Obviously, it won’t include the Colts since I post a separate recap for them.  I will also be sure to include a special note on how the Colts next opponent did. 

  • Tom Brady is the only player ever to follow up a 500 yard passing performance with a 400 yard game.  He has the most yards in the first two weeks of a season ever.  Second most?  CamNewton.
  • Speaking of Cam Newton is the only guy ever to have 400+ yards in his first two games, and only the 6th QB ever to have back-to-back 400 yard games period.  And this was against the Packers D.  (I can’t imagine what he will do to Indy later this year…)  And, to top it off, he accounted for over half his team’s rushing yards.  And despite all this, he’s 0-2.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick is awesome.  He has the Buffalo Bills at 2-0.  And he’s been really, really impressive doing it.  Great comeback against Oakland.
  • Tennessee beat Baltimore, the team who crushed the Steelers last week?  This league is impossible to predict.  Matt Hasselbeck with a very good day (thats not impossible to predict, just unexpected).
  • So, I’m pretty sure you already know this, but the Detroit Lions are REALLY GOOD.  Can’t believe I’m saying it, but if Stafford stays healthy and they keep playing like this, they will be in the running for the super bowl, not just playoffs.  Only 2 weeks though, that is the big key.
  • Pittsburgh embarrassed Seattle.  Hope they don’t shut out the Colts this week.
  • The Saints handed it to the Bears, especially Brees. 
  • Darren McFadden is definitely one of the best running backs in the league right now, if not the best.  Yes, I mean it.
  • Tony Romo, Tony Romo, Tony Romo.  Biggest performance of the week in my opinion.  He totally made up for his week 1 fumble, plus more.  A fractured rib and a punctured lung, and he leads the Cowboys back from a big deficit to win in overtime?  Huge game for the Cowboys and Romo delivered.
  • The Redskins are 2-0 behind Rex Grossman?  The sky is falling, but the Redskins are 2-0 nonetheless.
  • Dunta Robinson’s helmet to helmet was only fined 40,000.  If he is not suspended, no one will be.  The league said they would give suspensions for some hits.  This one is probably worthy.  Lead with his helmet right into Jeremy Maclin’s helmet 
  • Hope Michael Vick will be ok.  The league is better with him in it.  However, I hate to say it, but I did say he wouldn’t make it an entire season, and I unfortunately don’t think this will be his only injury this year.
  • Goes without stating, but huge win for Matt Ryan.  Needed a win with Michael Vick coming back to town.
  • Giants didn’t look good Monday night, but neither did the Rams.  I had Giants at 11-5 and Rams at 12-4 before season started, and I fear both may be too high, though both teams will right the ship and be fine. 
  • Big loss for the Chiefs, even bigger than their 48-3 loss to the Lions: Jamaal Charles tore his ACL and is out for the year.  They already lost Eric Berry last week.  They may have lost arguably their two best players in the first two week.
  • Prayers go out to Nick Collins.  He is out for the season, and Coach Mike McCarthy said it is too early to tell if it is career ending.  Hope he will be ok. 

Next Week: 

This matchup of the last two AFC Champions has lost a lot of its luster.  The Steelers are still good, however, despite their aging defense.  This week they played really well, bouncing back from a terrible week 1 beating from Baltimore.  Honestly, and I’m speaking as a true Colts fan so don’t hate me, but the Colts only chance of winning against Pittsburgh is if the Steelers overlook the Colts, and I don’t expect it.  Oh, and it will be on national TV.  Great.


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