Week 2: Please, Not 14 More…

For the first time since 1998, Peyton Manning’s rookie year, the Colts have started 0-2.  When you think about it, that is incredible that in the last 13 years, the Colts have never started 0-2.  But that year, we had a young QB with an incredibly promising future getting his lumps out of the way.  This year, we have a 38-year old QB just trying to keep his team afloat, and our entire franchise’s career is in question.  Quite a difference.  A promising team in a rebuilding year, and a reeling team trying to be competitive.  Amidst all the awfulness, however, I can find a clear cut best player of the day for Indy: their kicker.

Other thoughts:

  • I’ll be honest: I thought the Colts would lose this game.  I think the Browns are alot better than people give them credit for.  Colt McCoy and Peyton Hillis are both worthy of more respect.  But I didn’t think they could look worse than last week.  And they may have.
  • At least Colts fans got to see Peyton score this year.  Just not the right one.  Peyton Hillis scored twice for Cleveland.
  • Adam Vinatieri was the lone bright spot.  Nailed all 4 of his field goal attempts, including a 52-yarder.  His kicks were from 39, 27, 52, and 36 yards, respectively. 
  • Don’t let Kerry Collins’ stats fool you: he was terribly awfully bad.  His stats were padded at the end of the game in “garbage time”.  I honestly would not be one bit surprised if Curtis Painter takes over the reigns soon.  He knows the offense, he is a lot more mobile than Collins, and he at least deserves a chance if Collins continues to not play well.  Just don’t give him his first start against the Steelers defense, please.
  • The Colts best active player, Dallas Clark, caught his first TD of the season, though it was right at the end of the game when it hardly mattered.  Still good to see Dallas involved.
  • The run game continued to impress me a lot.  Joe Addai ran well, but especially Delone Carter.  This rookie is going to be very good.  Looked great today.  Both backs averaged over 4 yards per carry. Colts had 109 yards total on ground on 29 carries, a 4.2 average.
  • Collie was targeted 10 times and only had 3 catches?  Wow.  Blame most of that on Collins.
  • The young linebackers continued to play well.  This could be a very good group when Brackett returns, alongside Conner and Angerer.
  • Pat McAfee averaged 52 yards per punt, including a 58 yarder.  Solid job by Pat.

This team is bad.  Really bad.  I think they are the worst team in the NFL without Manning.  I will write an article shortly examining whether or not they are.  But it doesn’t take a huge football nerd or a football analyst to determine that this team is bad.  Next week is the defending AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, then a team I think is overlooked in Tampa Bay.  Both on national TV.  Great.  The whole nation may get to see what us Colts fans already know: we stink. 

And there’s 14 more games?


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