Colts Corner: Kravitz Edition

Bob Kravitz has done it yet again.  I am no longer surprised when he writes an excellent article.  There are two great ones recently that I am sharing.  The first is on just how important Peyton Manning is to the Colts.  Great read.  The second is about Jim Caldwell.  I have been really hard on him recently, but Kravitz is convincing on why he is in such a hard situation.  If you are a fan of Caldwell, this is a must read.  If you are not a fan of Caldwell, this is a must read.

Pro Football Talk on “Caldwell’s Tough Spot“.  The Kravitz article on Caldwell is mentioned.

Tony Dungy says not to give up on the Colts.  He remembers a time when he was with the Colts when people were giving up on them, but they corrected it just in time.

Gene Wojciechowski says that Manning is “damaged goods” and to not be surprised if he has played his last down… for the Colts.  Wojciechowski says the Colts may release him after this year.  While I respect his opinion, he is wrong.  The Colts are a different organization than most, their owner is loyal, their star player has done nothing short of build Indy into a football town.  If it weren’t for 18, the Colts would not be in Indianapolis right now.  Irsay, Polian, and Manning have a different relationship than most owners, vice-chairmen (whatever that is) and players.  I, for one, believe them when they say Manning will retire a Colt.


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