Peyton Manning officially OUT for Sunday’s game, could miss season

On Sunday, something we have not seen since 1997 will occur.  Peyton Manning will not be under center Jeff Saturday when the 1st team offense jogs onto the field in Houston.

His streak of consecutive games started will end at 208 (227 including playoffs).  It is still the most all-time to begin a career.  Folks, Peyton Manning has NEVER missed a start while a member of the Indianapolis Colts.  He started week 1 his rookie year in 98 and he started week 17 in 2011, along with every game in between.  The guy has only missed 1 PLAY due to injury in his career, and it was on a cheap shot that broke his jaw.  And he only missed 1 play (which was a fumble, so granted, he may have missed a few more had the drive continued).

And now, all of the sudden, he’s out Sunday against Houston.  How did this happen?

You have to go back to 2006, when the Colts were playing the Washington Redskins at the RCA Dome during their super bowl championship year.  Manning took what is still the worst hit I’ve seen him take, being hit in both directions and bent backwards.  His helmet came off and Manning fell to the turf.  I remember sitting in the stands that day, and I have NEVER heard a stadium that quiet.  Manning picked himself up, but he was not too happy.  The Colts took a timeout to give him a chance to recover.  He then came back and torched the Skins for 3 3rd quarter touchdowns and the Colts won.

Recently, Tony Dungy said he believes Manning’s neck problems started with that hit.

Nearly 5 years and 2 neck surgeries later, Peyton Manning will sit out the first game of his career.  And it may be more.

There are 3 different, respectable people reporting essentially the same thing: Peyton Manning will be out for the entire 2011 season.  Indy radio hosts Jake Query and Jon Michael Vincent (JMV), and blogger Nate Dunleavy are all reporting it.  Query actually says Manning had surgery last Sunday and will miss the season, the other two say the surgery is upcoming.  The key one to me is JMV.  That guy is almost always right regarding Colts matters, and if you recall he was the first to break the news Sunday night.

I also think he will miss the entire season.  (Question:  can a player who doesn’t play at all in a season win the MVP?  Because I’m pretty sure that if Manning misses the season, the NFL will see how valuable he truly is)

Although nothing is confirmed yet, it doesn’t look good for Peyton Manning (or the Colts) in 2011.


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