What the heck is going on with Peyton Manning?

By now, I’m sure you have heard the news.  The news that JMV broke by saying that Peyton Manning will need a second neck surgery and will be out indefinetly.  I have compiled a quick timeline of what followed:

  • JMV reports that Manning will need second surgery.  JMV is almost always right regarding Colts matters, and I believe him here.
  • Bill Polian says he doesn’t know
  • Chris Mortensen reports that Manning is getting a second opinion due to slow progress
  • WTHR in Indy says that Manning will miss week 1
  • Mike Freeman of CBS says Peyton may be out 5 weeks
  • Jim Irsay tweets that he has “nothing2say on Peyton’s status”
  • Adam Schefter reports that Manning will not need surgery. 
  • Pro Football Talk says that the Colts will adress Manning’s situation by noon today.  Not a good sign.

In reality, we should have seen this coming.  Owner Jim Irsay has been tweeting disturbing things about Manning’s status, but they were too vague for most to realize it.  I sure didn’t.  But Nate Dunleavy did, and he compiled a list of some of Irsay’s tweets.  For an explanation of the biggest ones, plus a new one, head here to PFT.

JMV, 18to88, and WTHR are all reporting Manning needs surgery.  Adam Schefter reporting he doesn’t.  I believe the former, and I think it could mean IR.  I really hope not, folks.  I really hope not. 

I’m just not too optimistic at this point


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