Preseason Game 3: Heartbreaker

Let me start off by saying I thought the Colts played well tonight considering it was preseason.  That is, until the final minute.  In the final minute, the Colts blew the game and lost to the visiting Green Bay Packers 24-21.  The biggest positive from the game, dare I say it, was Curtis Painter.  It was the best I have ever seen Painter with the Colts.  Here are some other observations:

  • Chip Vaughn will not be on this team long.  Rosters are reduced to 80 Tuesday, and he may be one that is cut.  Two dumb penalties two plays in a row, the second being taunting.  Those penalties set up the Packers’ tying touchdown.  Caldwell was livid with him and pulled him.  When Jim Caldwell shows that much emotion, you know its not a good thing.
  • Speaking of Caldwell, how were the Colts not in the least bit prepared for that onside kick?  Did the Polians tell him they wanted to see more of their defense?  What happened?
  • I guess it was good, though.  While it is never good to lose and the players and coaches hate it, overtime in the preseason is flat out terrible. 
  • After a terrible 1st quarter, the Colts defense played relatively well.  Mike Newton got an INT, the Colts only forced turnover. 
  • Jerry Hughes actually did something tonight.  He caused a false start.  And he also completley gave up on a run play (thanks to Matt Grecco for noticing that)
  • Watch for Houston to run alot of bootlegs September 11th.  The Colts are getting beat by them consistently this preseason. 
  • On Painter, I think he solidified his spot on the 53 man roster.  Think Colts will keep him as 3rd QB.  Orlovsky has played pretty well, but don’t think there is a chance he makes this team.  Same with Hartline, who didn’t even get in the game tonight.
  • Colts were creating some nice pressure tonight.  Especially Dwight Freeney.  He showed off his best two skills, the bullrush and the spin move, and notched a sack with each. 
  • Robert Mathis injured his hamstring early.  Don’t think it is too bad.
  • Think the Colts ran the ball well tonight.  Addai, James, Carter all had good runs. 
  • I can see why Reggie Wayne likes Curtis Painter.  Was in the play alot.  Caught 6 balls for 105 yards and a touchdown.
  • The Colts have now lost 9 preseason games in a row.

Well, the result wasn’t great but I liked what I saw from the Colts.  They play Thursday in Cincinatti for their preseason finale.  The roster will look different then, as teams must cut their rosters to 80 by Tuesday.  (My guess is Hartline and Vaughn get cut, not sure on who else yet). 

For information on the Colts as soon as it happens, follow me on twitter at Coltsfanwilson.

And remember: it’s only preseason.


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