Collins Signed as Insurance; Manning’s Status in Serious Doubt

The Colts today announce they have signed Kerry Collins as insurance/backup quarterback if Peyton Manning is unable to play week 1.  The 38 year old Collins has spent the past few years playing for division rival Tennessee before announcing his retirement this past July. 

So, the Colts did bring a quarterback out of retirement.  Just not that one.

Collins is a very good quarterback.  He has the second most yards among active QBs, behind teammate Peyton.  The two are the most prolific team tandem ever. 

And yet nobody… NOBODY wants to see Collins on the field.   But it looks like it may happen.

I tweeted a few days ago that I thought Manning would play week 1, but play badly.  I still think that, but I am waaaay less certain about it.  Folks, even the team management doesn’t think Peyton will play.  I won’t put it past Peyton to say he’s playing anyways, but there is serious, serious concern for Colts nation.  Peyton Manning is the entire franchise.  Everything.  And no matter what Kerry Collins does, he will not duplicate Manning’s results.  Granted, I think Kerry is more than capable of coming in and winning a game or two for Indy… but 10?  We know Manning will be back, but when?  How soon? 

Another question I have is whether Kerry Collins will be able to run “Manning’s offense”, or whether they will have to limit the play books and start huddling.  This is the most complex offense in football, no question about it. 

One last thought:  the way the Colts announced it was terrible.  Made Jim Caldwell look HORRIBLE.  Made the media very upset, and rightfully so.  Jim Irsay tweeted the news during Caldwell’s press conference.  But guess what?  Caldwell did not mention it at all.  so, while the media was chatting with the Colts head coach, the rest of the world was finding out that the Colts had signed Kerry Collins.  Caldwell no doubt knew about it, but was being an idiot and not saying.  Or, maybe, Bill and Chris have him on a tighter leash than we think.  Maybe he was told not to say anything about it…

I just can’t believe it has come to this.  The whole situation makes Bill and Chris Polian look terrible (for failing to prepare for this scenario), Jim Caldwell look terrible, the Colts media upset, and Colts nation fearfully awaiting word on Peyton’s status.

I just don’t know anymore.  I hope Peyton plays.  But I just don’t know…


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