Training Camp Update: Roster Moves

Well, I haven’t posted a training camp update in a while.  The reason?  It’s just that there is simply not much news out of camp that is noteworthy.  There’s just not.  And with preseason games under way, training camp is not even our best way of getting to know this team and its players.  I will post following every game for certain, but not every day of training camp.  Over the last few days, however, there have been a few roster moves I thought I should briefly mention.

  • The Colts signed former Oakland Raiders 1st round draft pick Tyler Brayton.  He is a DE who has also spent time with the Carolina Panthers.
  • The Colts released QB Nate Davis yesterday.  Couldn’t keep 5 forever.
  • Today the Colts released DT DeMario Pressley.  Indy signed Pressley before the lockout but he has been injured most of camp.

There have also been heavy rumors circulating around, particularly late last week, that the Colts were very close to signing T.J. Houshmandzadeh, but they have since died down.  Don’t believe those rumors until they are confirmed.  There have also been rumors that the Colts would sign Randy Moss and then the rumors that they would sign T.O.  T.J. is the most reliable, and I believe at one point the two sides were close to an agreement, but I don’t think so anymore.

Lastly, Pro Football Talk reported today that the Colts are still $7.1 million under the salary cap.  If that number is true, I hope the Colts make a few more valuable additions.

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