Training Camp Day 7: Blue-White Scrimmage

Today was the annual Blue-White scrimmage at Indianapolis Colts camp.  The defense ended up winning 27-20 with both teams each starting with 14.  The scrimmage pitted the number 1 offense (quarterbacked by Curtis Painter) against the number 2 defense, while the number 2 offense (quarterbacked by Dan Orlovsky) against the number 1 defense.  I have compiled notes from the best of those who were in attendance, but I also link to the full ar

Matt Grecco from Stampede Blue was at camp and was covering the scrimmage.  On twitter (at mgrex03) and in his article on the website (found here) he had some great stuff all day.  Here are a few of his observations:

  • “Just as the scrimmage was about to get started, we started to hear random cheers coming from the opposite corner of the field. It was difficult to tell immediately what the cheering was for, until you saw the #18 jersey come sauntering into the stadium. The big cheer was delayed due to the National Anthem, but the crowd roared once it was over and he continued his walk onto the sidelines. Easily the loudest it got all day”
  • “The best play of the day started with newcomer LB Ernie Sims, who poppedMooreon a dumpoff pass inside the 10 yard line. The ball was then tipped again by Justin Tryon, and scooped up by Melvin Bullitt, who ran it all the way back for a Touchdown. Sims let out a loud yell right after his hit, then helped escort Bullitt down the sideline”
  • “We got to see both Curtis Painter and Orlovsky for extended periods of time. Both guys completed ~60% of their passes (best guess), and neither scored a TD on the day. Painter had several really nice throws to Austin Collie, on both corner routes and crossing routes. He also had some flops, throwing behind a couple guys, and overthrowing a ball or two. Orlovsky was a little more consistent, but it wasn’t a standout performance. For clarity’s sake, Orlovsky went with the #2 Offense (Gonzo and Collie ran with them some too) against the #1 Defense, and Painter ran with the #1 Offense against the #2 Defense.”
  • “The biggest difference to me between the two QBs was their ability to throw the ball with pressure in their face. Orlovsky looked calm, going through progressions, stepping up when necessary, planting and making good throws consistently. Painter, on the other hand, always looked a little jittery, jumping on almost every pass. He did have his first pass batted down, so that might have caused him to think he needed to get his passes higher, but you can’t get much on a throw when you jump straight up. He still completed the lion’s share of his throws, but it’s a concern.”

Great stuff from Matt, and also from Andrew Mishler (on twitter at andrewmishler).  A few of his best tweets:

  • Starting O-line is still Linkenbach, Reitz, Richard, Thomas and Diem. I know some players are out, but why isn’t McClendon in there?
  • Jerry Hughes comes out with the starting defense, although it doesn’t look like Freeney is practicing. Sims is in for Conner.
  • Moala just crashed through the middle of the line to pressure Orlovsky. Hughes and Mathis bring the heat the next play. Good pass rush.
  • Ernie Sims breaks up a short pass that lands in the hands of Melvin Bullitt, who takes it back for a TD.
  • Tommie Harris deflects a pass at the line and receives a round of applause. He’s running with the #1 D with Mookie Johnson.
  • Painter is throwing darts to Collie. Both #1 offense and defense are playing well.
  • Interesting to see Mathis at RE and Hughes at LE. Rob is just as effective there. Castonzo and Ijilana haven’t been able to stpp them.
  • McAfee bombs a 75-yard punt again. What a leg.
  • Devin Moore comes close to taking a 60-yard run to the house, but they rule him down at midfield because he was touched. Great speed.
Andrew also mentioned that Nate Davis was absent due to the death of his grandfather.  My prayers go out to him and his family. 
Overall, the Blue-White Game is just another scrimmage.  But it is game action, and the fans love it.  Glad to hear Peyton was out there again.  There is currently no practice scheduled for tomorrow, August 7th, so if that stays the same I will not be posting tomorrow unless some Colts news worth posting about comes up.  Not expecting it, I will be back Monday.  Until then, GO COLTS!

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