Training Camp Day 6: My Observations

Well, today I made my annual trip to Colts training camp.  I was there for the 3:30 session, which lasted until about 6 and was in pads.  I don’t like to put too much stock into training camp, because, after all, it is practice.  Never judge a team by it’s practices.  However, this is all we have to go on and it gives us a little bit of what the team will look like.  Here are my observations from my camp experiance:

  • Adam Vinatieri was nailing almost every field goal he attempted.  He was hitting from 55 at ease.  Pat McAffe has quite a leg on him too (recently he hit a 75-yard field goal).  Pat at one point was kicking at a crazy angle from the sidelines and making the kicks.
  • Speaking of the kickers, it is always funny to me to see them simulating the offense in the defensive drills.  They really don’t have much else to do, so Pat was filling in at QB and Adam was at RB.  No contact, obviously, but it was funny to watch.
  • No sighting of Peyton Manning by me.  I don’t think he was out there.
  • Dallas Clark appeared to possibly be hurt, but was fine later on.
  • Kavell Connor appeared to injure a finger while batting down a pass.  The trainers took him off the field right after.  I’m hearing it may be “out of joint”, from Phillip B. Wilson.
  • Jeff Saturday was back in pads today, but did a lot of standing around.  I did see him as an end on the field goal block team, something which really suprised me.  I doubt he stays there but it was interesting he was playing there.
  • I think that 4th round pick Delone Carter could be a stud at running back.  At the goal line, and in short yardage situations, I think he will be featured heavily.  I seem to recall last year in the playoff game against the Jets the Colts were stopped repeatedly on 3rd and short.  Carter will help with that.
  • It looked like Phillip Wheeler was playing some DE.  Heard he has been some previously.  Not sure what I think of that.
  • Undrafted free agent WR Larrone Moore won’t last long.  He wasn’t too impressive today, and from what I hear he hasn’t been all camp.
  • I can’t believe I’m typing this, but Curtis Painter really wasn’t that bad today.  Made the throws he was expected to and he looked pretty confident out there.  The other QBs were ok, but I thought Nate Davis struggled at times.  Given that today was the first day he’s practiced, I’ll give him a break.
  • Tommie Harris was another guy who was making his “practice debut” today.  He looked good in the pass rushing drill, and others agree (Phillip B. Wilson tweeted that “New Colts DT Tommie Harris showed a strong burst today in pass-rush drill”).  He will wear number 96 for the Colts.
  • I admit… I have an embarassing story.  Well, at least to me it seems embarassing.  It took me forever to figure out where Anthony Castonzo was.  The roster listed him as number 79, but I could clearly tell that it wasn’t him (it was Ijalana).  When I figured out that Castonzo was wearing number 74, the same number he wore in college, I felt like an idiot. 
  • On paper, this looks like a downright incredible receiving core.  Wayne, Garcon, Collie, Gonzo, White as the wideouts and then Clark and Tamme as TEs… wow.  Just wow.  I’ve given Gonzo a hard time recently, but after watching him today I still have hope for him.  He could be an outstanding guy off the bench (I don’t want him starting over Collie).  If he doesn’t stay healthy this year, however, I think his time in Indy is over.
  • Why bother to come to training camp if you don’t even know that Peyton Manning is hurt?  Wouldn’t most Colts fans at least know that before they make the journey to Anderson?  It appeared like a fan sitting near me had no clue that Peyton was injured.
  • One more note about the fans… it makes me sad thinking about how many fans don’t know who number 48 Justin Snow is.  He is the Colts longtime long snapper and very reliable.  Looking at the roster, Snow is one of 7 Colts who have been in the league 10 or more years.  The others: Vinatieri, Manning, Saturday, Ryan Diem, Reggie Wayne, and Dwight Freeney.
  • John Teerlink was in his golf cart.  He didn’t get out all of practice.  Thought everyone would love to know that. 

It was a good day and a good experiance, but I can’t wait until “real” football starts. 

Phillip B. Wilson of the Indy Star was also at practice, and at times he had a better view than I did.  Check out his thoughts on the practice here.

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