Training Camp Day 4: First Night Practice Observations

Colts training camp day 4 has concluded with the first night practice.  Thanks to twitter, we have great observations from both practices today, including tonight’s with pads.  Andrew Mishler (andrewmishler on twitter) was OUTSTANDING today.  All the tweets below are from him, starting with the first practice. 
Alright, long stream of updates. First off, doesn’t look like Castonzo is running with the first team. No surprise. 
Jerry Hughes running some packages with the starting D-line. 
Interesting. Castonzo was lining up against Freeney for a series, but it wasn’t the starting O-line. Looked very quick off the snap. 
Curtis Painter and Dallas Clark really look like they’ve bulked up over the summer. I didn’t think Dallas could get much bigger, but he has.  

Nevis a little short, but very stout. Great burst. The reports from yesterday about his play look very accurate.

 Don’t care what people say about Ricardo Mathews. He is a BIG dude. I could see him at NT. 
Castonzo, Linkenbach and McClendon were working with coaches on some drills after practice. 
Moala and Kevin Thomas are doing some work after practice with the trainers. Both are running around with no problems.
 And then for the night practice…  
Delone Carter has really soft hands. Not a single sound when he catches the ball. He’s also much more stout and built than the other RBs. 
Painter is looking…sharp. Really sharp. Nailing all of his passes and came inches away from a 40-yarder to Reggie. Impressive for no rush. 
Speaking of Reggie, he looks like him typical self. Its a treat to watch him. Collie and Gonzo look great as well. No drops so far. 
We have a Peyton Manning sighting! He’s out on the field talking to the entire offense. Everybody tunes in whenever he says a word. 
2-minute drill with Hartline at QB. #3 Larrone Moore has dropped at least 3 passes tonight, and it’s only been an hour.
Scrimmage has started. Jerry Hughes is absolutely destroying #79 to start. Speed and bull rush. He would have sacked Painter if allowed to. 
Painter fires back with a 40-yard rocket to Wayne over Caldwell. And Caldwell had good position. All 3 players have impressed so far. 
TD Curtis Painter to Reggie Wayne, back corner of the endzone. Great pass. 
Carter is great so far. Big yardage up the middle one play, bounces outside for more yardage the next. 
Also, Garcon has been good, like the rest. No drops. Just caught a wide open tip toe sideline catch. Painter fooled Lacey on play action. 
Positives so far: Painter, Carter, Hughes, Powers, Mathews, Mathis, every receiver except Moore. Negatives: John Teerilink in his golf cart. 
Hughes is really, really impressive. Same goes for Castonzo, except when he goes against Freeney. But can you blame him?
Ouch, second round of scrimmage starts with a Painter pick by Adrian Moten. Pass was to low, landed right in his hands. 
Hughes would have had anothr sack a few plays later. This time against Reitz, not Ijalana. Ijalana is with starters at RT in place of Diem.
I think I just saw Wheeler at DE. Maybe he’s making a permanent change there? Wouldn’t bother me 
Great stuff Andrew.  Give him a follow on twitter for more.
The biggest news of the day though was that Peyton Manning was throwing and running at camp.  He was sighted at tonight’s practice, as Andrew mentioned.
   Hopefully that means he will be back soon… but from what I hear Painter was pretty impressive tonight.
So Jerry Hughes, Curtis Painter, and Delone Carter seemed to have the best night from what I’m hearing.  If you are at Colts camp, or are going, tweet me at Coltsfanwilson and I’ll incluude your observations.
Well, it seems to have been a good day of camp for our beloved Colts.  Let’s hope tomorrow continues with the same. 

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